Today we are going to continue with part 3 of Can Network Marketing really make you wealthy? Well if you have these 3 keys to weath then the answer is yes.

Today we will talk about Key #3 which is:


What is it that we mean when we talk about opportunity? Opportunity is the vehicle that you will use with your attitude and your knowledge in order to create wealth and success. This is the way that you will choose to create wealth. In conjunction with your attitude and your knowledge this is an important factor in whether you will be able to create wealth.

If you choose the wrong vehicle it may not be impossible to create wealth and success but it will be much harder than it needs to be. As we talked about in the attitude and knowledge articles it is important for you to pick a vehicle that reflects you. This means picking an opportunity that you fit well with and that fits well with you and your personality, strengths and talents.

For example if you are in the network marketing field and you are good at interacting with people and an opportunity comes along for you to write computer programs then that might not be a good choice for you. You could certainly choose to do that and maybe make it work but it will be much harder to achieve success because you are working against your strengths.

You will need to evaluate the opportunities to see if you are able to use your talents to the fullest. This is the easiest way and why not use what you have while you build on the other skills you may not be as adept at.

Many people make excuses and say that they were unlucky and they did not catch any breaks. This is not the case. Opportunity is all around us and if you are open and curious about things in general then you will be able to see the abundance of opportunity that is around all of us. If you are open to change and willing to face and conquer the fear that most people have about change then you will see all the opportunity that crosses your path and you will have many options to choose the one that best fits with you.

We as entrepreneurs see opportunity when it presents itself and we jump on it and know what to do with it. Most people do not. They see change and they fear it and end up rejecting the opportunity because of the fear of change.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself about what we have talked about in this series.

Are you leveraging all 3 of the keys that we have talked about. This needs to be done everyday.

Do you have the habits that support these keys?

Are you working with or against your strengths- skills and talents?

Use what you have and focus on what you are good at.

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I hope that was helpful.

Thank You for tuning in.

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Mary & Dean R Black have been happily married since March 2010 with a blended family including 3 kids. They are taking the network marketing industry by storm with their special blend of passion for life and love for their kids and especially for each other.

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