Following a calorie controlled weight loss plan can definitely support you to shed those excess lbs and experience the lasting results of positive fat loss – yet how much can they help?


There have been few studies to date into dietary programmes that supply ready made low calorie meals, however 2 new trials have assisted health officials to get a better picture.

Trial 1: conducted on a group of 130 obese women for 12 months, each was supplied with 2 low calorie replacement meals and liquids every day for the first couple of months, before swopping down to 1 meal every day from months 3 to 6. When eaten alongside 1 hours daily work out they benefited from average weight losses of 10kg-12kg in 1 year.

Trial 2: conducted on a group of 442 overweight women with BMIs of more than 25, during the course of this study they were tested to see which offered better results – low calorie meals or recommendations from a dietician…

After 2 years it was revealed that those provided with pre-packaged meal lost 300% more body fat than those following nutritional advice: low calorie meals (average dietary losses 6-7kg), nutritional support (average fat losses of 2kg).

Is this research reliable?

Even though both studies clearly indicate the perks of getting weight loss help, the second trial is the most reliable as experts were able to assess pre-made meals against dietary advice.

Yet even with these statistics, these results should be taken with caution…

Supplied these meals for 1-2 years for free, it is hard to determine if these results would have been as successful if individuals had had to invest in these meals independently or if they had accessed less guidance.

What are my other options?

There is no denying that modifying your diet, eliminating fatty foods and working out more can greatly benefit your weight loss. However, if like so many individuals you are finding it difficult to jumpstart your diet, the guidance of a quality weight loss supplement such as Proactol can help.

Clinically tested and found through 6 clinical trials to: make up to 28% of your dietary fat too big to be aborbed, reduce your appetite, improve LDL cholesterol, boost energy levels and decrease calorie content by 150 calories per meal, when included as part of a nutritious dietary plan Proactol can support you to experience bonus weight losses of 4-8lbs per month, 100% safely and organically.

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