Seminal vesiculitis, a common disease of reproductive system abnormality, usually occurs in young and middle-aged people, which brings great trouble to male lives. Seminal vesiculitis is a threat to male fertility, and the emergence of seminal vesiculitis often makes patients miserable.

Therefore, timely treatment is incredibly important. Experts pointed out that seminal vesiculitis treatment is not easy to recurrent attacks, but patients should pay attention to this aspect of the problem.

Seminal vesiculitis is easy to attack if not given professional treatment. Often, this is also one of the harmful manifestations of seminal vesiculitis. The seminal vesicle is not an organ storing semen, but an accessory gland of male genitalia, which is a pair of long oval cystic organs.

Because of the seminal vesicle's structural characteristics, after inflammation, drainage is not smooth, bacteria invasion is easy to stay, which brings specific difficulties to the treatment. If people do not get timely treatment, it is easy to attack repeatedly.

Seminal vesiculitis will cause men to have frequent urination, urgent urination pain, abdominal perineum and bilateral groin pain, and other embarrassing symptoms. It can also lead to reduced sexual desire and premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunction diseases that make men "desperate" and even affect male fertility. As a result, men have to look at the small glands in special attention and take more care of them.

Many patients with seminal vesiculitis in the initial stage often ignore its effects. They think seminal vesiculitis is a small disease, with a fluke attitude waiting for the disease healing by itself. They don't know that although the disease is small, it does great harm to males. In severe case, it can also cause infertility.

Some patients in the disease do not go to the hospital for diagnosing to save money. They always take antibiotics by themselves when feeling pain. In this case, it will lead to more and more severe inflammation. They not only failed to cure the disease but also developed more infections. All of these are the factors that cause a repeated attack of seminal vesiculitis.

In addition, because of the particular structure and location of the seminal vesicle, it is easy to cause poor drainage after inflammation. And it is difficult to treat the disease after bacteria invasion. Whether acute or chronic seminal vesiculitis, patients should treat it seriously to prevent seminal vesiculitis relapse after treatment.

Seminal vesiculitis is also easy to cause other new infections when not cured completely, which has become an essential factor leading to repeated attacks.

Acute seminal vesiculitis is generally caused by a sedentary position, holding urine, spicy diet. The cause of bacterial pathogenic microbial infection caused by an inflammatory reaction needs to continue oral antibiotics such as levofloxacin tablets and azithromycin tablets for at least two to three weeks before complete control.

Most patients with chronic seminal vesiculitis are due to untreated acute seminal vesiculitis. And they may have hemospermia. Also, patients with seminal vesiculitis may occur with prostatitis at the same time. Therefore, the treatment time will be longer.

Compared with antibiotic treatment, traditional Chinese medicine treatment, such as Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill, will be more effective with the effects of clearing heat and detoxification, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, etc.. It can treat not only the diseased area but also inhibit the further spread of inflammation.

Therefore, the treatment of seminal vesiculitis should be active. Because seminal vesiculitis is easy to delay, patients should not stop treatment when they feel symptoms improved. They should continue to treat it for some time after the symptoms disappear entirely and regularly carry out a relevant inspection to eradicate the disease and obtain a healthy body.

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