(Don’t Laugh) - Can Specific Words Change Your Body’s Behavior?

The latest neuroscience research makes skeptics nervous. And you and I are both skeptics, right?

The normal (standard) mind-body connection for interpersonal communication is? All information transfer between humans is managed by our five (5) senses. If I cannot see, hear, touch or feel it, smell or taste it – I don’t accept it. Now that’s standard science like cause-and-effect. Maybe not.

Today, brain science says: two types of information can pass between us, and affect our mind-and-body. First, is human perception of EMF (Electro-Magnetic-Fields). We are electrical beings. We’ll give examples down the page.

Second, is too complicated for my simple brain. They call it Long-Distant, Non-Local Effects.

So What

We’re talking about energy healing techniques like Therapeutic Touch. I know, you don’t believe in it.
Hans Berger, Austrian scientists and creator of the EEG (Electroencephalogram) said back in 1924 that our brain is active 24/7, even working on stuff when we are in Delta cycles per second (1/2 to 4 cps) – sleeping, but not so dead to the world.

International scientists laughed until they plotzed (exploded), when Dr. Berger wrote and lectured that humans are fancy electrical systems. He said he could prove it by showing different brainwaves (Hertz) like Beta during alert wakefulness, Alpha in quiet relaxation, Theta during creativity and imagination, and last Delta, during sleep and/or dreaming.

Ten-years later (1934) EEG brainwaves studies were standard science. Almost eighty-years later, EEGs are used in Neurofeedback conditioning internationally. So don’t laugh.

You Gotta Try This To Believe It

It requires two people for the experiment. On stretches his/her arm out straight and keeps it rigid.
The second person attempts to force the arm down. Huh? Number 1 uses the Power of Words in their imagination to strengthen or weaken the outstretched arm. The secret is your INTENTION not to be moved.

Mentally repeat for ten-seconds any ONE of the following words. They cause a flow of energy into the arm. The explanation is Electro-Magnetic Fields. He/she mentally repeats the single word, (either) STRENGTH, Energy or Power. Equally affective is Vigorous, Vitality, or Toughness. Now the other party to this experiment does everything to pull that arm down.

They can try to hang from the arm, but it will not drop down. The Power-Word reinforces your Intention not be moved. You are doubly energized.

Stay with me – there are BENEFITS for you coming.

Now the person with the stiff out-stretched arm changes their mental affirmation. He/she repeats for ten-seconds, any ONE of these words: weak, frail, impotence, fragility, or vulnerable. Their intention cannot overcome the power of the word.

Their arm is pulled down easily and instantly.

Remember, this is no magic trick, this is a real competition. The owner of the outstretched arm does NOT want the arm to come down. It does not matter how hard the puller tries. The power “weakening” words always win. This experiment has been tested and successfully replicated for fifty-years by Kinesiology departments at universities.

So What

The applications are serious. Your Mind-Body-Connection is affected by your imagination and the power of words. These power words are encoded in your long-term memory. Your brainwaves use your senses (V-A-K-T-S) visual-auditory-kinesthetic-taste-smell, to reinforce or weaken
your ”psycho-behavioral model” energy system. Some call it Vibrational-Frequency, our electricity.


If it is 3:00pm and you are daydreaming, mind-wandering and zoning-out. Your eyes are closing. You can drink a quart of coffee or take some pill or you can change your brainwaves (cycles per second).
Aloud or mentally, repeat for 10-20 seconds this phrase: “Strength-Energy-Power”. Say it and mean it.

Remember you control the volume of your internal voice (stream-of-consciousness). Shout mentally – “Strength-Energy-Power!” for 10-seconds. Now, put a phony smile on your face – widen your cheeks,
and make-believe (Act-As-If) you just heard a hysterically, funny joke. Laugh, and think about how silly you look laughing. Get-into-it. Force yourself to giggle for just ten-seconds.

Each laugh or giggle inhales gulps of new oxygen. Your 3-pound brain requires 25% of the entire oxygen of your body. You eyes widen, your brain triggers a Beta (alert) stage, and you feel better-and-better. Good-bye somnambulance (sleep-walking), you are good for another five-hours of alert consciousness. Going out? Do it again five-hours later.

Another Example

Use either your right or left hand to make a ring between your thumb and index finger. Now use your opposite hand to BREAK (pull-apart) that finger-ring. But simultaneously, whisper aloud or mentally – “Power-Energy-Strength” for 10-seconds all-the-while using all your vigor, vim and vitality to pull the two-finger-ring APART. You cannot do it.

And neither can anyone else break-apart your two- finger-ring.

Now whisper aloud or mentally, the phrase or any one of these three words – “Weakness, powerless, or Hopelessness.” The words have signaled your muscles and your two-finger-ring to immediately release its grip.

This occurs even though your Intention is not to permit the ring-fingers to separate. Power words rule.
Another Example

Most of us who have to go to the hospital for a medical procedure are not in the happiest of spirits.
You can change this by repeating aloud of mentally any ONE of these Power-Words, “Courage- Bravery-Energy”. Repeat the power-word rhythmically, and simultaneously Tap, Thump, Knock, or Rap a fast rhythm on the top of your knee or front of your shoulder. Time? Ten-seconds.

After ten-seconds you will feel a change of attitude about the operation. Your mind accepts it for the benefits it offers you in health and extended life. The Power Words strike again.

Last Example

Sooner or later we find something to be seriously afraid of. It can be going to the dentist, a phobia toward crowds, or a recurring nightmare about imminent death. Use a Power Word to extinguish this fear. Step one, imagine and mentally visualize the circumstances you most fear. See it happening as you dreamt or experienced it in living color.

Now SHOUT out aloud or mentally – the single Power Word, STOP! It instantly takes the energy out of your fear and it dies a horrible death, never to return. Do the words Terminate, End! or No-More! work? Yes. They are based on your intention to stop this negative mental attitude, so they work too.

End words

Please remember this: our conscious mind, our left-hemisphere, the one we give credit for all the inventions and engineering of our culture and civilization, has a very low broadband capacity – a maximum of 100 Bits of Information per second. Our brain and lives are based on the high broadband capacity of our right-hemisphere, our non-conscious mind. It can process eleven-million bits of information per second.

Creativity, imagination, and the use of metaphors are right-brained, based on the unconscious structures of our brain. These include the medial parietal cortex, the pre-frontal cortex, and the lateral temporal cortex.

DMN (Default-Mode-Network) Google: M. Raichle, Washington University School of Medicine

When we let our mind wander, and stay unfocused, it goes into a rest (daydreaming) mode called DMN. It continues working on keeping all our systems and controls in good working order. So what? The Default Network is our right-hemisphere and it helps make us creative, imaginative and successful. Its function is planning future actions, and prepares the brain for conscious activity.

If we discover how to use it, the DMN will attract the right people-ideas-and-money. Our brain is never inactive. The conclusion is Power Words and our imagination create our rhythm of life.

See ya,
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