What can be better than being huddled up in a warm and cosy house with a hot cup of coffee when there are chilly winds blowing outside? It is bliss in the truest sense. If you stay in a place where temperature drops to a very low level, you will know the extreme need of having a warm place to stay. Not only does it make you feel comfortable, but also helps to keep cold and fever away.

In such places, the need of heating system inside the household cannot be described with mere words. So nothing can describe a bad day more than the one when the heating system stops working all together. When it comes to replacing the heating system, you will have an option to choose between electric and gas heater. For the latter, you can contact a company that does gas heater service in Melbourne. Craig’s Gas and Plumbing in Melbourne is the most dependable gas plumber who deals with service, maintenance and installation of all gas appliances.

Reasons why gas heater is better than the electric one

A gas heater is essentially an appliance used to heat up an indoor space like a room or an outdoor space by burning liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, butane or propane. They can be further divided into unvented or vented and un-fuelled or fuelled. Apart from a non-functioning gas heater on a chilly day, another unwanted situation is running out of hot water. In that case you will need the service of hot water replacement in Melbourne. The very first gas heater ever invented followed the same technique as the present Bunsen burner, but with time it developed to be what it is today. Here are some reasons why gas heaters are better than electric heaters:

  • Less expensive:
  • Almost everywhere, natural gas is much cheaper than electricity. Due to this very reason, there can be a huge difference in the operating cost of a gas heater and electric heater. If you live in a place where there is winter almost throughout the year, usage of gas heater rather than an electric heater can save you a great deal of money which you can utilize elsewhere. Even though the electric heater might have a longer lifespan, the lifetime cost of an electric heater is much higher than the gas heater. So even replacing the gas heater might not burn that big a hole in your pocket compared to long running electric heater.

  • Heating time:
  • The gas heater takes much less time to heat up a given space to a certain temperature than an electric heater. As soon as the burner starts heating up, the gas heater produces maximum heat and makes your room warm and cosy in no time. Meanwhile, an electric heater takes up significant amount of time to power up the heating element after which it begins to make your home warm. So, you have to wait for a certain time before an electric heater can show any heating effect.

  • Cold climate:
  • Gas heater is the best option when to come to combating treacherous cold climate. They are fast and also cheap. What can be a better combination than this? If they are properly maintained, gas heater also ensures your family’s safety and also lasts longer. In contrast to this, electric heater is better for warmer climates where chilly winters remain for a month or two.

    Here are the few pros of gas heaters over the electric ones. If you want to install a gas heater, get it done from a trustworthy company who will also provide proper service and maintenance in the long run.

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