Can we actually use technology to measure our level of self-growth or self-discovery?? The answer is far from simple, but let’s give it a go . . . .

First, let’s consider the cultural influences around this idea of self-discovery:

For the past 150 years or so, the rate of human cultural evolution has been growing consistently - or arithmetically - in the West, or about 300%. Slavery and child labor laws were abolished, Women won the right to vote, The Civil Rights Act was past and adopted, and gays and other minorities gained standings in society.

On the negative side, however, we in the west have lost much of our general politeness, civility, and satisfaction with more basic things. I remember the summers in Savannah, Georgia in the 1950's gathered with my family around the ice cream churn after an outdoor picnic, waiting for the homemade stuff to ice up! Now, a family sitting together for a meal is considered an oddity. Gangsta Rap is King, and even gunning bystanders down in the street (or movie theater) is considered cool by some.

Now consider the rate of technological discoveries during these same 150 years. Based on the shear number of inventions, this rate has grown exponentially - or about 30,000%! And this rate has practically doubled every 2 years!! Human wars created a hunger for more powerful weapons. The growth of populations begged for greater sanitation, better means of travel, and more tools for rapid communication. These need brought us trains, planes, automobiles, telegraphs, telephones, AC current, robotics, DVD’s, computers, the Internet, and the amazing inventions of folks like Pranav Mistry: portable virtual reality.

But what about so-called “Individual self-discovery”??

This is a tricky one. It seems as though individual evolution of consciousness is intimately linked to, and spurred by, human cultural changes, e.g., civil rights. The introduction to the west by those who practice Hinduism, Buddhism and non-violent resistance eventually impacted the lives of millions.

From these simple introductions, the drive towards individual Self-discovery began in earnest. Since the “individual” is paramount in the west, its glorification and expansion was inevitable, giving rise to what is now called the Human Potential movement. California became in the 1960′s – and still is – the mecca for most human potential folks, although adherents to all of these programs can be found anywhere in the world.

Group programs like EST (currently The Landmark Forum), Life Training, LRT, as well as various individual therapies like Re-Birthing, Primal, Hypnotherapy, TM, NLP, EFT, SOT, and other “alphabet soup” procedures . . . were all developed to get "in touch” with our mental-emotional blocks, release them, and allow our full potential to blossom.

But can a marriage between technology and self-discovery directly affect a person’s awareness and growth of inner awareness and happiness? For the sake and survival of humanity, it is becoming more and more evident this must be the goal. Otherwise, why do anything if not for happiness? Why create another Frankenstein monster??

Movies like The Matrix naturally give us the dark vision, i.e., the conflicting drama and choice between happiness and self-discovery. But is there another way? I think so. In fact, I believe that true self-discovery naturally leads to happiness, despite what most Hollywood movies may conjure up.

Technology, if harnessed to provide us with tools for consciousness, can lead to a Golden Age of Enlightenment. The ability to rapidly and accurately navigate into our own psyches would provide humanity with a massive transformative tool. A case in point? The use of Applied Kinesiology, otherwise known as muscle testing.

Muscle Testing is one of those simple, yet effective, technologies that anyone can access. It is also fairly accurate when practiced by someone trained in its use.

There are other ways of measuring the inner thought processes. Computerized Voice Stress Analysis (CVSA) can supposedly detect “lies” in a person’s voice, even over the phone. But this technology is not yet refined, in spite of the fact it is used by several branches of law enforcement. The ability to determine a “yes” and “no” response in the body and subconscious is the most fundamentally-important human potential tool there is, and will be explored further as time progresses.

The possibilities are staggering. If you are a life or business coach, these tools can make the difference between success and failure for yourself and your clients. Try them out. Do a little research and find ways you can measure self-growth in yourself and others. This is a journey well-worth taking.

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Dr. Michael Craig is the host of "Logical Soul Talk," a weekly Blog Talk Radio program on Tuesdays at 6 pm ET. Craig has also published several books, including The Logical Soul, The Money Matrix Method, and The Six Figure Coach; and trains life and business coaches in becoming more successful at