Mixes made from vegetable oils are the most effective option for the treatment of hair loss. They nourish and stimulate the growth and health of the scalp and hair follicles. These mixtures are inexpensive and have many uses. When applied, it would be noticed that the hair grows gradually.

How to use:
• Increase hair volume. The castor oil mask, organic avocado oil and Neem oil make the hair gradually recover in the long term. It gives it a natural and thicker volume, which contributes to improving its appearance.
• Have soft shiny hair: The oils mix works to soften the hair and increase its shine, making the hair look healthy. Mix two teaspoons of olive oil, of sesame oil and of coconut oil and heat them for 2 minutes. Then, massage the scalp with oils mixture. Cover the hair with a hot wet towel and leave it for 40 minutes. Finally wash the hair with shampoo and warm water.
• Treat brittle hair loss: Especially in the case of very curly hair, oil baths contribute to the maintenance of hair health and prevention of brittle. Cut the edges of the hair, then mix a tablespoon of olive oil with a large spoon of coconut.
And a tablespoon of watercress oil and heat the mixture. Use the oils mix to massage the scalp with circular movements. Repeat this process with the ends of the hair. Cover the hair with a plastic bag for one hour. Finally, wash with shampoo.

It is recommended to use the duo argan oil and prickly pear because it is an important source of vitamin E and essential fatty acids that work to treat and nourish the hair.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional. Only an avid reader. Check with your healthcare provider before starting something new.

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