Our ancestors kept telling us that we become what we eat; and highlighted the importance of the connection food has over the way we think which ultimately leads to the actions we take. Our diet is extremely important to our happiness as well as to the way we think, to the way we love one another, and so on. In the case of depression and anxiety, there are known and proven diets that can curb high levels of anxiety and depression without the need for any medication.

The role of water against anxiety

Water is priceless. Herbal medicine practitioners advise using water regularly to effectively treat anxiety attacks as well as other anxiety disorders. The very basics of this simple treatment of water is that all of the hormones need to be boosted to work at a peak level; and in order for that to happen, the body needs to have plenty of water. It seems that feelings such as anxiety, fear and restlessness, can be reduced through water in a matter of just a few days.

The reason why water is so crucial in the treatment of anxiety is that dehydration is an important factor in aggravating feelings of anxiety. Keeping the body hydrated doesn't just work wonders against anxiety symptoms though, it combats a great number of diseases as well. The fact that water plays a very important role in combating high anxiety, is proved by the syndrome known as the 'hangover depression' syndrome.

This type of high anxiety is directly caused by alcohol-induced dehydration. As soon as the body gets re-hydrated, the normality of the feelings become restored. In order to keep the water in the body balanced at an optimum level, you must drink six to eight glasses of water at the minimum - if you can drink more even better, but definitely not less.

The proper water balance in the body will chase off the increased feelings of anxiety gradually. Another advantage of drinking a lot of water is that water also helps to build up your stamina. Water removes the acidity caused by the foods that you've been consuming. By doing so it assures that your stress levels stay very low, and in turn doesn't allow uncomfortable anxiety attacks to occur as regularly.

In order to control your anxiety you have to try water therapy. However, ensure that if you go over the regular six to eight glasses, you have your doctor's permission and that you eat a well balanced diet from all the food groups as well. Wait, I lied... don't worry about getting permission from your doctor, but do eat a well balanced diet. Cheers!

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Professional athlete overcomes 6 years of anxiety disorders and now shares the story of how it happened, and what you must do in order to overcome your own panic and anxiety issues naturally starting today.