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Can we choose a veterinarian?

Do you think about changing insurance companies or taking a follow-up to adopting a new pet and wondering if you should declare a veterinarian to your insurer? Do not worry, the parallel with your doctor is not appropriate ... Follow the guide!

You are free!
You can choose which veterinarian is consulted, it is also registered in the code of veterinary ethics.

Even if the veterans do not take the oath of Hippocrates, they have theirs, more exactly that of Bourgelat, by which they promise “before the Council of the Order of the Veterinarians to conform [their] professional conduct to the rules prescribed by the code of ethics".

The latter stipulates that the veterinarian "must respect the right of every owner or keeper of animals to freely choose his veterinarian". The latter states that the practitioner has the duty to inform each client of the possibilities of calling on another veterinarian.

How to choose the right one?

As we have seen, you can choose your veterinarian, but also appeal to different practitioners depending on the case, depending on availability or according to your pet.

You will be able to see who you want without your insurance having a say. But it is still advisable to keep a senior veterinarian who knows your animal and can follow it throughout his life.

To help you choose your vet, we offer you a short list:
• Ask around for advice on the different veterinarians in your area.
• Remember to choose a veterinarian near you. In case of emergency or even for a vaccine, it will be faster and more enjoyable. Also, consider whether your veterinarian is providing a reception service 7 days a week or that a nearby child care system is in place in case of emergency.
• Look at the consultation times, are there free hours on Saturdays or after the office.
• Are you well received, you feel good in the waiting room and in the examination room, it is certainly subjective, but the relationship remains important.
• And lastly, prices, as we have seen previously, the prices vary from one practitioner to another, so as to take this fact into account.

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