Fear is an emotion that has lots of impacts in your normal life. Fear can be sensed by animals and humans in their daily life. When they feel danger, physically, mentally or emotionally from the surrounding around them, the fear is generated in the brain. This can cause terrible panic. Fear can change the life of a person terribly with the happenings in and around him.

We can identify fear through various changes in the body, which could be a mild shiver in the body. Certain indicators reveal that one is going through fear such as:
• Rise in the heart beat and blood pressure
• Muscle tightens
• Inability to focus on your senses
• Dilated pupils
• Sweating

Types of Fear:

There are various forms of fear. Whatever the kind of fear is, the sufferings are going to be similar for people suffering from it. There are many factors that contribute to generating fear in a person affecting their potential to think freely and resolve issues.

Things that may evoke Fear:

• Places : crowded places, heights, underground, enclosed places, lonely places, new location etc
• Animals: snakes, rats, rabbits, reptiles etc
• People: strangers, homosexuals, facing crowd,
• Events: war, crime, talking in the public etc
Family member: demise of a dear one, if a family member is missing
• Responses and reactions from 3rd party: rejections, harassed, humiliated, insecurity,
• Worrying about self: facing large crowd, taking up leadership post etc.
There are a lot of different types of fear that is experienced by man from day to day. Everyone would react similarly to the fear they are confronting with. Certain people use fear as an opportunity to sharpen their mind and increase their brain’s performance which will give them good confidence. But for few others fear can reach its extreme which will make them panic at the situation. This would cause a lot of mental stress at the moment of panicking.
Dangerous side of fear
Fear is not always dangerous until it gets extreme with the person. If you know how to deal with the feelings of fear it will not do much harm to you. It is important that you understand the sources of fear and deal with it practically. It means to understand and think logically about it. Otherwise it can lead to a lot of irrational responses that can affect you in many ways, such as:
• It turns you unable to make proper decisions in time
• It prevents you from trusting people in your surroundings.
• It generates fear of uncertainty
• It stops you from taking up new challenges
• You become a pessimist
• You might become destructive
• You might get stressed a lot

Facing your Fear:

You have to realize about the benefits from getting rid of the fear. This will help you to reduce fear and to take initiatives for getting rid of them. You have to build positive attitude in you that gives you strength to face the fear. Losing fear will help you to live a better life; you could become a new person, developing your esteem or becoming brave. Whatever your benefit is from getting rid of fear, it will definitely increase your self confidence.

Conquering fears:
The best way to get over your fear is by changing your perceptions toward it. It is not simple to overcome fear but you can keep yourself motivated in many ways so that fears don’t eat you up. All you have to do is identify and assess the fear from the sources; this will give you enough courage to face it without being dreadful. This is the best way you can overcome or reduce your fear.

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