Planets deliver based on your past karma & it can only be changed, by good actions in this life. Beyond this nothing will change
When we interpret a chart
Ascendant (body), Moon (mind), Sun (soul) - every thing has to be seen from each of these THREE & then final summary is to be made
The only remedies which will work is - when it encompasses
when an action is done with body, mind & soul
looking at this - only prayers will qualify as remedies
wearing gemstones - is a physical aspect, mind & soul are absent - it has limited utility value
When an astrologer says this is bad & that is good
explain - what is meant by good or bad
where & what is bad in the chart & what are its affects
all planetary placements in the chart are always good (irrespective of its exaltation / debilitation)
say 6HL is debilitated - everyone is elated, the same 6HL is also 9HL from 10H - so career will have problems. So look the planet position from each House / Bhava & then say - it is good for Ascendant, but bad for career
say 8H has some debilitated planet - good for longevity. It is also good for father’s longevity. Bad for 4H education & 7H marriage
Planets are different nakshatras & each nakshatra falls in
Deva gua / Rakshasa guna / Manushya guna (Law abiding / Law violating / Ordinary) . Guna means nature.
Note: Law violating - does not mean violating all rules - it means radical outlook
Mars will not act as mars unless it is in Rakshasa nakshatra, good when this Martian is working in police or army
Mars when in Deva guna will be a savior - better work in judiciary for he will show compassion
Mars when in Manushya guna - will be like a incited mobster. When police catch & penalize him - he is a cat then. Such Martians will get swayed by the flow of wind.
How can only a simple Mars (without any nakshatra affliation) deliver its true nature?
Now extend this Mars to its “avasta” (dignity / state of mind) if it in bala or vrudh avastha (bala - child, vrudh - old age) can have 100% strength to delivery during its dasha ?
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Sri Tulasi is an expert Indian astrologer having 40 years of experience in astrology.