In recent years, the incidence of pelvic inflammatory disease(PID) is rising year by year. The female patient with pelvic inflammatory disease needs to be treated actively in the hospital, otherwise it can easily cause chronic inflammation, thus leading to blocked fallopian tubes or ectopic pregnancy.

Women generally like to drink tea to improve digestion, lose weight and remove fat, which seems to be a good way to keep them away from some internal disease. So can they drink tea when suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease?

Doctors point out that female friends can drink tea appropriately. Although it does not affect pelvic inflammatory disease, it's actually a cold material, which may cause abdominal pain and diarrhea in patients. Women should drink hot tea appropriately and avoid herbal tea, which has a cold property.

Drinking tea soaked in hot water can help you improve blood circulation and promote discharge of harmful substances. Patients with pelvic inflammatory disease should keep warm, especially the warmth of the abdomen. No matter what they eat and drink, cold food should be avoided as far as possible. If the abdomen catches a cold, it will cause abdominal pain, abdominal distension and anal distention, which will affect the improvement of pelvic inflammatory disease.

In general, there are many factors that can cause pelvic inflammatory disease. As is known to all, unhealthy diet is a common cause. In addition to cold drink, stimulating and greasy food, alcohol and cigarette should also be given up. The lack of nutrients can lead to a poor immunity in human body, which can make it easy to get infected and induce pelvic inflammatory disease. In addition, awful personal hygiene, frequent sexual life and nonstandard surgery like abortion can also cause infection and inflammation.

If you have symptoms like pain during menstruation, irregular periods and mental malaise, or pain during sexual intercourse, you should go to the hospital to have a standard check-up. Female friends need to be treated in time after diagnosed with pelvic infection. Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is usually a good option to them, which can effectively eliminate inflammation and improve menstruation without any side effects.

To better treat pelvic inflammatory disease, in addition to drinking tea, there are some details female patients should keep in mind.

1. Don't relax your vigilance as soon as you get a little bit better

If suffering from acute pelvic inflammatory disease, patients can pull through after a few days with anti-inflammatory treatment. Sometimes they think the disease has been totally cured and stop taking the medication at once, then they may still develop some bad habits due to their busy work and make their body hurt and infected again.

After the patient stops medication for a certain period of time, they may have abdomen ache and lumbar bottom ache, which will be aggravated after sexual intercourse, menstruation and being overworked. This is because the previous pelvic inflammation did not get cured thoroughly, and it may unknowingly develop into chronic pelvic infection, aggravating the damage to the body. So sticking to medication is rather important.

2. Keep good personal hygiene during treatment

Patients with pelvic inflammation should pay more attention to personal hygiene, especially during menstrual period, after delivery and after abortion. Female friends should frequently change underwear and sanitary napkins. Avoid letting themselves too tired and often staying up late, and they should get more rest in spare time.

3. Control sexual life.

Unclean sexual life is an important cause of pelvic inflammatory disease, such as too frequent sexual life and lack of private cleaning before sex. Both men and women should control their sexual life and take a regular bath. In severe cases, patients with pelvic inflammatory disease should avoid having sex.

Keep a good mind and drink a cup of hot tea in spare time, and sticking to medication, you will get better.

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