I followed up with a prospective client recently. She'd contacted me because she was struggling with "heartburn and GI problems." In our initial conversation she revealed "I think a lot of what I am feeling its wrapped up in depression and anxiety. I am stressed out more by being uncomfortable. Our conversation really helped me see that I can't do this on my own and there are not a lot of people I can lean on for support without out feeling completely embarrassed by some of my issues being verbalized. I feel like, unguided, I have really jeopardized my health and I want to help my body heal and become more balanced. Currently, due to financial obligations, I do not have funding to utilize your services although I recognize how much I need a structured program and the support of someone outside of myself dedicated to my health."

I pointed her to my workbook and suggested that it might be an inexpensive way to start working out her challenges. Several people have told me that reading the book is just like having a conversation with me.

About two weeks later I wrote to ask how she is faring and whether she has found any support. She wrote "After misusing enemas I was experiencing issues with dehydration and starvation." OMG!!!! This caused serious alarm on my part and additional reaching out.

While I realize that financial times are challenging...is it really worth dehydration and starvation?! There are many low cost options to begin working towards health. My workbook costs $20. Even if this person had health insurance (which most holistic practitioners and wellness coaches do not accept), she would still be paying premiums and co-pays. I encouraged her to work out how much that might be per month and then we could shop around and find help for her.

So today, I ask you, what is your biggest health challenge with regard to food?
How long have you been living with this challenge?

What have you tried to alleviate it? Did it work? Why or why not?

For how much longer are you willing to live with this challenge?

and most importantly...what is the cost of NOT changing this in your life? What is the cost of not having appropriate help to make the changesyou need? Surely dehydration and starvation are NOT worth it. Further jeopardizing your health - whether short term or long term - is not worth it.

So, what is the cost of NOT making the change you need?

Please email and let me know.

Author's Bio: 

Diagnosed with a tumor and arthritis so severe her spine might fuse together, Sharon changed her lifestyle to bring about health. She became Board Certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, a Healing Touch Practitioner and a certified yoga teacher. She reversed her chronic disease and lost nearly 55 lbs! Sharon has authored several books and is a national speaker at the Raw Spirit Festivals, Mother Earth News Fair; DC Green Festival; North American Vegetarian Society Summerfest; and Natural Health and Food Conference. Sharon offers individual holistic nutritional coaching to people who are serious about making changes in their lives. Visit her site: www.wildsuccess.us. Call her at 301-816-0752 and invite Wild Success® into your life today!