More people are trying to build a list for their online business with the use of a video presentation on their squeeze page. In fact online video marketing can be seen everywhere and is growing in popularity but is it effective for building an opt in list when marketing online? This person feels that although this particular medium can be engaging when used correctly it is not effective when used on a squeeze page.

Here are 3 obstacles that can actually be created by the use of any video presentation when attempting to build an opt in list for your business.


The first rule of any squeeze page is to minimize any and all distractions visitors may encounter and is why most of these pages are brief in content and use little or no graphics. By placing a video presentation on the page you are going absolutely counter to conventional wisdom and introducing immediate distractions.

Invites Visitor Bias

You can literally open Pandora's box by inviting bias and prejudices since visitors are now being exposed to imagery which they may or may not like. The point of a squeeze page is to simply get people to leave their contact information and nothing more therefore you do not want to dissuade them in any way! By introducing imagery you are also giving people more to consider in terms of their decision as to whether they will opt in or not!


People online tend to move fast since they have so many available viewing options! By placing any video presentation on a page it will dramatically slow down how long it takes for the page to load. Think about it, how often have you found yourself leaving a site before it fully loaded simply because you did not feel like waiting? With that being said how can you expect to rapidly build an opt in list when many visitors leave before they even view your offer!?

In your efforts to build a list the last thing you want to do is introduce any reasons or doubt to visitors that may keep them from leaving their contact information. Although online video marketing is growing in popularity and effectiveness the use of this medium on your squeeze page is probably counter productive! The 3 obstacles discussed above can all be easily created by exposing visitors to any type of visual stimulation as they decide whether to opt in or not. In the end it would seem wise to steer clear of the use of any video presentation in your list building efforts since it could do more harm than good!

Author's Bio: 

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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