Screen printing outfits are getting so much popular these days because of the upgraded quality and designs. Screen Printing Consumables are more accepted among customers.

At first, it may look tougher to do on the shirts or hoodies as you like, but the overall processing is pretty more comfortable. You can even try it doing in your home. All you have to do is gathering the materials and making the best out of it.

Gather all the Initials: At first, gather all the supplies you need to do the screen printing at home. You will need a 250-watt bulb, a photo emulsion and sensitizer, latex gloves, a dark black room, screenprint fabric ink, small pieces of cardboard, squeegee, and a hoodie or shirt.

Create the Image: You can start by creating something simple that goes easy. You will need a solid black image that blocks the light easily. The picture you create and put will be burnt into the emulsion. After selecting the model, print that out on a laser printer.

Coat the Screen in Emulsion: Mix the sensitizer and the emulsion altogether. Lay down the screen on a bag. Pour a little of the mixture on the screen and spread it out with the help of a squeegee. The emulsion needs to cover a slightly larger area than the actual image you want to print. Repeat the process until the screen is coated.

Expose the Image on the Screen: Expose the screen to the light. Lay down a blackboard or cloth in the dark black room. Lay down the screen as well and the frame. Then lay the image you selected on the screen. Tape it down with scotch tape or put a piece of glass over it. Angle a lamp with the 250-watt bulb at your image on it. Don’t turn on the light. Wait for the process to be done in about 10-15 minutes. Finally, pull up the transparency and check if it is done; otherwise, put it back for a few more minutes.

Clean the Screen with Cold Water: It’s time to clean the screen using a hose or showerhead. You will see the image clearly with the water wash. Lay your shirt or hoodie out on a flat surface. Put cardboard underneath the area and pour a small amount of ink horizontally.

This is the way you can go through the process of doing screen printing on hoodies at home easily.

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