Several apps are not available on the app store. Yet the users wish to use the same on their iOS devices. So here comes in the picture, Cydia. Cydia uses Advanced Packing tool repositories to install such apps on your device which are otherwise not available on the app store.

What is Cydia

Cydia is a package manager app or an unofficial app store that assists you in installing third-party apps that are otherwise not available on the iOS devices. Cydia cannot be downloaded on the native App store and so the users believe that it cannot be downloaded on the device without jailbreak. However, this is a myth. It can be easily and simply downloaded without jailbreaking your device.

Cydia supports all iOS devices including the latest versions such as iOS 11.2. Cydia can be downloaded from openappmkt for any of your devices such as iPod touches, iPad, iPhone.

Downloading Cydia

Cydia can be installed and downloaded on any of your devices without jailbreaking the device. And this is very simple by following the given below steps

1. On the iPhone Safari browser.
2. Open the link to download Cydia without jailbreak and click on it to download Cydia
3. On the pop-up screen, click on Add to the home screen
4. This saves the Cydia app on the home screen and then click Add
5. And thus Cydia gets installed on your device and it did not include jailbreaking your device

How to use Cydia

There are a few tips on the way Cydia can be used on the iOS device. Some of them are listed below:

1. Refreshing Cydia packages

Cydia app normally refreshes the updates and packages automatically. But if it is to be done manually then just click on the changes and refresh button after opening Cydia and the package list is refreshed manually

2. Finding Cydia ID

The simple steps to find your Cydia Id is:

● Open the Cydia app
● Open Manage Account
● Log in with the Google or Facebook account
● Under Installable purchases, you find your Cydia Id
Cydia Id is required normally when the developers distribute give-aways to the users

3.Hide and unhide functions

This is a very unique feature of Cydia where you can hide and unhide the functions as per your requirement. The same can be done as follows:

● Under the sources, section click on all sources
● When you click on Edit, an entire list of sections with toggle buttons appear
● Hide and unhide the functions as per your requirement

4. Adding and deleting sources

● Under the sources section, click on the edit button
● Tap on Add and feed the URL of the package source
● Now click on Add source button and it gets added to Cydia
● Deleting is as simple as just swiping on the target source and then hit on the Delete button

5. Ignoring update notifications

Under the preferred installed package go to change package settings, and just close the Ignore Updates button. This will stop all the notifications about the updates of any of the already installed packages.


Users were very receptive to jailbreak the device only to use Cydia. But the hassle-free process to download and install Cydia on any device without jailbreak is really beneficial to all the users

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