Despite being one of the common surgical procedures in women in the United States, people still believe in myths surrounding hysterectomy. Uterus removal has become an effective solution to an extensive range of problems related to the woman’s reproductive organs. Research shows that approx 600,000 uterus removal surgeries are performed annually in the US alone.
While the procedure is considered safe in general, women often wonder if they’ll be able to resume their regular life after the operation. How hysterectomy affects routine life and how long does the recovery take?
Well, you must consult an infertility specialist in Thane or a gynecologist to get answers to the questions around hysterectomy, post-operation life, and recovery. In this post, we’ll show you the details of what life after a hysterectomy looks like and what can you do to live a normal and healthy life after this procedure. So, keep reading!
Living a Healthy and Normal Life After Hysterectomy
Weight gain is one of the common issues women have reported after hysterectomy. The reason behind the sudden weight gain is not known, but there are a few effective tips for keeping your weight in check. The basics include:
● Cutting calorie consumption
● Trying aerobic exercises
● Strength training
● Watching your diet
Strength training and weight lifting are not advisable after surgery, not until you are recovered fully. In the same way, your gynecologist might ask you to take ample rest after the procedure to give your body enough time to heal.
Control Stress and Negative Emotions
Hysterectomy brings with it hormonal imbalance and emotional changes. It brings a major change in your body, which reflects on your mood and emotional health. It’s natural to have mood swings, stress, anxiety, anger, and other emotional issues after the surgery. Your physician might recommend a few hormonal therapies for mood upliftment.
This is the time when you need to practice self-healing. Turn on soothing music or try some relaxing exercises to calm your mind. Deep breathing, meditation, and some easy yoga poses can help speed up your emotional recovery.
Fitness after Hysterectomy
The gynecologist in Thane Vartak Nagar will recommend you the best exercises after hysterectomy. While gentle exercises and basic meditation are highly recommended, weight lifting and any physical activity that puts stress on the operated area must be avoided. And, you don’t really need to practice strength training after hysterectomy unless weight loss is your goal.
Aerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging, and dancing can help keep you in shape while speeding up your recovery. A 20-minute walk outside will elevate your mood and help you sleep better.
Rest, Rest, and Rest!
The anesthesia can make you extremely exhausted after the surgery. You may feel super tired and drowsy for the first few weeks, which is very normal. Your body needs rest after the surgery. Resting is the only time your body gets to heal. So, the more you rest the sooner you will feel better. You can resume your chores a few weeks post the operation.

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