“In this write-up we look at why bloggers are writing about no glue slime recipes and why you should read about them.”

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we mention the word –‘slime’? You’d immediately go back to your childhood and remember how popular it was back then. Mattel made this popular in the 1970s and back in the day almost every kid want to be play with them. The advent of technology and modernity had subdued the popularity of slime for some time but they have made a grand comeback in the recent years. The number of YouTube videos and Instagram posts on slime making is the perfect testimony to its popularity. If you think there are already enough videos on slime making on YouTube, somewhere in the world a YouTuber might be planning on a new one! They are surely a newfound craze which no one is complaining about.

How do you make slime? If your answer starts with “take some glue and…” let’s cut you short and say everybody can make slime using glue, so what’s special about it? Why would you want to do something that is so obvious, unless of course you are a fifth grader? Is it possible to make slime without using glue? Of course it is and this is what is driving passionate people to try their hands at no glue slime recipes. The obvious question that you’d have in your mind is how to make slime without glue? What secret ingredient should you use in them?

If you turn to Google, you’d be left with thousands of tips and advice. Many of these would be using stuffs that you don’t have in your home. Doesn’t that kill the very idea of exploring no glue slime recipes? If you have to head out to a retail store in search of ingredients to make slime, why on earth wouldn’t you simply buy glue and make slime. The problem is there are several so called ‘slime experts’ who are simply out there to waste their time and yours. So who do you run to when you want to know how to make slime without glue? The answer is some crazy bloggers.

We call them crazy for not what they write but because they write on topics that we’d always love to read about. But the so called seasoned bloggers are too busy reviewing the latest technology, writing political opinion pieces or giving us some uninteresting accounts of their last backpacking trip that we get bored with these popular bloggers. It is the crazy breed of bloggers who are answering the common and unimportant questions that dominate your mind. So if you want to know the secret no glue slime recipes you can turn to these blogs. They don’t write for the elites, they write for the masses. They write on simple topics that you and I would love to read.

You must give credit where it is due and these bloggers definitely deserve lot of accolades as they add more colors to your life and daily dose of reading with their blogs.

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Steven Bergeron is a blog hunter and has been searching for no glue slime recipes. Read his blogs to know about the tips on how to make slime without glue and shares them.