Recruiters have a challenging job. Managing recruiters is much tougher! The two significant challenges to excellent recruiter management are identifying your recruiting procedure and tracking for the good and the bad within that procedure. It is one of the reasons that you should invest in right recruitment software in India . Let’s understanding this better with following example.

After spending two decades in the industry of recruiting and recruiting applications (ATS) development, I have never noticed two recruitment companies with the same recruitment procedure. For the matter, recruiters at the same recruitment firm usually have various tactics and styles. So how can you identify your hiring process?

The primary touchstone is explicit. Is employment being made? If employments are being made are they enough to sustain growth or stay in business? I believe it's a reasonably safe assumption that these will be the bottom line flags for a successful recruitment company. Now all you will need to do is back up from the bottom and search for more signs.

What has to happen before an employment? An answer: an offer by an employer and acceptance by the candidate. There are our very first milestones to track - offers and acceptances. I believe a typical sales word could be "closed." If your company is getting a slew of offers but hardly any acceptances, this is surely a show stopper. Something on your management process should demonstrate the ideal offer to acceptance ratio to your company and recruitment market. The ratio will adjust based on your niche and the hiring style.

Most people would say 100 percent, but 100 percent might not be as high as you'd think. Maybe the company is culling a too much. Culling may be from the customers. Should you select from your client prospects too far and just accept the locked slam dunk orders would you start the gates a little and take a couple of marginal orders and find a lesser offer to positioning ration but increase the number of concessions made?

The answer is available on your recruitment applications, ATS or CRM software! If these solutions aren't possible, then locate recruitment software in India that will provide you these answers. Also, ensure that the treatment isn't worse than the illness. By that I mean to be certain that try to find management information from your recruiting system doesn't take this kind of effort which it impedes the recruitment procedure.

One of the primary rules of good recruitment software is that information to manage the recruiting process has to be available on an ad hoc basis. As you can see, there are hundreds of factors which may be assessed to help manage the recruitment procedure. It would be absurd to have one report or collection of reports that identified all these indicators. As a result, the process for answering these questions should be as creative and lively as the manager asking the question.

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