The word’s out that it’s possible to make a good income from the internet without even owning a website.

It’s an appealing proposition, but is it too good to be true? I used to think so. But now I know differently...

Have you noticed the ads down the right side of the Google search results screen? Those little squares of text are changing the face of the internet. They are changing the way we use it, and the way we can earn from it.

These are “Pay per Click” ads. When you click on them, the owner of the ad pays. Usually something between a cent and a few dollars.

Welcome to the Wealthy World of AdWords

The bare facts: If you have a good product to sell, and know how to write an eye catching ad, you can make money on the internet without a website.

The harsh reality: You can run up a huge bill and sell nothing if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The secret: Finding the right product, and getting that ad to work without costing you a fortune in costly clicks that don’t result in sales - that's the secret to success.

The AdWords Academy

Google runs an online training school for adwords that takes you step-by-step through the process of how to set up an ad and get it running. It’s a good way of learning the basics... But if you are serious about earning money and saving time by stepping round a huge and costly learning curve, you could do with consulting the experts.

One such expert is Wade Winger, author of the Google Profits ebook. Following his advice I have a campaign up and running and getting clicks for just pennies a day.

The Google Proftis ebook gives excellent step-by-step guidance on the two sides of the Google money making coin.

The two-step Google Profit Process

1. find a good product to sell

In this case - ebooks that pay affiliate commissions. There are literally 1,000’s out there and they often pay around 50% of the full selling price to affiliates. Wade’s recommended source and system is Clickbank and I agree with him.

Google Profits takes you step-by-step, with screenshots, through the process of setting up a ClickBank account and choosing products to sell.

2. make Google ads work for you

Most of us get nervous when it comes to committing to a paid for ad service that we barely understand. Google Profits is the highway code of the AdWords system. Once you know the “rules of the road” everything becomes less daunting and more doable.

The Google Profits ebook even gives working examples to follow, and tells you how to tweak your ads to get you more clicks for less money.

I’d love to hint at Wade’s secret formula that makes sure you get results without having to worry about running costly test campaigns - but I’d probably have a law suit on my hands!

Instead I’m inviting you over to find out more about Google Profits on our Health & Wealth ebooks site.

Happy profiteering!

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