If you were anything like me when I first heard about any idea related to making money online then the very first thing you'd think when you hear about is

"Can you really make money online?" or

"It's impossible, it'll never work as well as these people say it will" or

"These people MUST be actors and if they aren't they MUST be lying. It's definitely a scam"

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Knowing nothing about making money online while working a typical part time job at a local gym, I was 1000% skeptical about the idea of making money outside a regular job, so for the longest time i was extremely reluctant to think that it could ever work. I mean, let's face it. The only people making bank without a high paying salary are drug dealers.

I had this firm belief that poor people got poorer, while the rich kept getting richer, and the middle class continued to stay afloat in between. Whatever economic class my parents were, will be my economic class too and there's not much I can do about it. A nice high income salary from a 9 to 5 full time job is the way to pay my bills and save up for a good retirement fund 40 years down the line.

There was absolutely no way that I'd believe that anyone making any kind of serious money online would be legit and doing it legally. If my best friend came up to me and said I'm making six figures selling on Amazon, I'd without a doubt think he's lying.

One day 3 years ago, I came home after a long day of work and was EXHAUSTED. Every bone in my body ached with pain and I had zero energy left inside me. The only thing I wanted to do was crash on my couch and take a nap to forget all my stress and worries on my mind.

When I woke up, for whatever reason I decided id look into this "make money online" opportunity and see for myself if its fake or not. Not knowing a single thing and being extremely naive.

I probably spent close to $500 on a dropshipping course/ mentorship. For the first 3 months , I'll be honest, I failed and lost ALOT of money. (keep in mind i only worked a part time job and $500+ = 1-2 months pay for me)

This would be the point where most people quit and never try again. If I'm honest, I did quit just like everyone else. For an entire month I was so bummed out by losing a ton of money I never wanted to try it again. Success was not guaranteed and I already lost a lot of money. Who's to say I wasn't going to lose another $2,000 the next time I tried , IF i tried again at all.

Needless to say, I ended up giving it another go because I seriously hated working a job that paid me peanuts and I didnt have any serious commitment to working another 40 years of my life for somebody else.

This being my 2nd attempt at being successful and actually making a profit online, I decided to put all my spare money towards it hoping everything will work out if I dedicate enough time and effort into this thing.

I sacrificed a lot of sleep just to put in the work needed. It got to the point where I actually got insomnia because of how many nights I stayed up late. It was weird because in the middle of the night, I'd always second guess myself wondering if I'm doing the right thing or not. Putting all my money I can afford towards something that can completely backfire and drain my bank account.

I lived with parents so I didn't have much expenses but it still bothers me that I'd have to start from zero all over again for the SECOND time if it all didn't work out like I wanted it to. This is probably the biggest risk I've ever taken in my life, but I was already super dedicated to it that I couldn't turn my back on it.

It got the point where I ignored several of my college classes and eventually just decided to dropout all together. Was this the smartest move possible? probably not. But it was what I wanted to do because I wanted to spend every second trying to make things work and actually make dropshipping money online.

My mom would always be angry and ready to yell at me for making a stupid decision to dropout and giving up on a good future. I knew how furious she was and could understand why but it was just something I had to decide for myself and my own life.

So I spent most of my time outside of my house, leeching off coffee cafe wifi and school library internet. It was the only place I could focus without getting in fights with family. I was able to put in loads of work into my business because I literally had nothing else to do besides work my part time job and focus on being successful after my shift was over.

Fast forward 4-6 months later I became successful to the point where I could support my Mom and pay the bills. Ever since then I was able to scale my dropshipping business to over six figures a month. The gap between paying the bills to hitting six figures a year took around a year.

Then add another year and a half or so. That would bring us to the point where I was able to make 6 figures / mo regularly.

After building a solid system , I was able to replicate it a few times. The more I sold, the better relationship I had with suppliers.

I got to a point where I was on extremely good terms with manufacturers and I was able to expand and scale bigger. So I decided to take things to the next level and sell on Amazon, which was surprisingly a hidden jackpot for me and my business. Within my first month on Amazon, I hit 300k unexpectedly.

The rest is history and here we are now.

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