I have been researching the many healthy ways that people can lose weight and keep it off. I have culminated this research as well my clinical experience into a new book which called "Your Drug Free Guide to Healthy Weight Loss".

Since the weather has been great in Ontario, we should all get out and expose ourself to some of that natural vitamin D from the sun. Exercise is essential to maintaining healthy muscles, bones and circulation. It improves our feel good hormones, reduces stress and eases depression. Exercising three to four times a week, followed by walking on the off days is a key to maintaining a great figure. Studies have shown that those who start exercising even at age 70 can improve their muscle mass and lung capacty. Burning just an extra 300 calories a day can help you to lose a pound a week if you are eating a healthy diet and consuming the right amount of calories for your metabolism.

Many people don't like formal exercise and that is fine to admit that. However, you still have to get your butt in gear! There are many ways to increase your fitness level without feeling like you are doing hard time. If you do exercises coupled with things you enjoy such as walking on a scenic trail, touring a museum, going tobagging, having a snowball fight or walking your dog (you can borrow your neighbours dog!).

Supplements for stamina and athletic endurance:
the herb Rhodiola is excellent for endurance and co-ordination as well as for people who feel stressed and irritable.
the minerals calcium and magnesium help the muscles to contract and recover from exercise.
the amino acid L Tyrosine helps with stress and multi tasking, improves energy and metabolism. Be careful if you are taking thyroid medication.

Author's Bio: 

Heather Caruso is a best selling author of the book, "Your Drug Free Guide to Digestive Health" and homeopath in private practice for the past decade plus in Guelph Ontario. She has written another book called "Your Drug Free Guide to Healthy Weight Loss" which helps people to not diet, but to eat to stay healthy and uncovers barriers to weight loss and how to beat them with natural remedies. www.carusohomeopathy.com