Did you go through a break up? Have the two of you decided to remain friends even after the break up? However, you heard that it doesn't work to stay as friends after a break up. That's not exactly how it goes. If you want to confirm the possibility of staying friends after a breakup, you might be surprised.

Did your ex mention "let's be friends" after the break up of your relationship? Most people say that being friends after a breakup usually ends in disaster. These people are actually right, but wrong at the same time.

It can be incredibly difficult to be friends after a break up due to the enormous emotional baggage. In most cases, some "alone" time is exactly what your ex wants from you. All they want right now is to reevalute their life and your constant presence prevent them from doing that. In some cases, a person starts to act rude to their ex because the latter wouldn't leave them alone.

Do you know what the No Contact Rule is?

It provides your ex time that they need to recuperate while ensuring that you don't come off a desperate in their eyes. Do you need your ex to be with you? There's a good chance that you will alienate your ex if you try to contact them right after a break up. This is why it's tough to remain friends after a break up, especially if it happens right after the relationship ends.

You and your ex must first heal individually before the possibility of becoming friends after a break up comes up. Your ex is also finding the situation difficult. They're living with their decision to stop seeing you and this can be difficult considering the length of time you were together. They will only feel more confused even if you continue to contact them as a friend.

If you see your ex with someone else and get jealous, what would you do? Friends do not show jealousy towards each other. Right now, too much emotions make it hard to be friends after a break up.

Right now, what you should do is focus on your life. Are there any improvements in your life you want to do? Maybe you can start shedding off a few pounds? Are there any relationships you have neglected because of the focus on your relationship?

Try connecting with your friends and family right now. You can also enroll in a class you like and meet a new set of friends. The possibilities are limitless. You can life a fuller and happier life without always needing your ex there. If you learn how to be happy without relying too much on your ex then the chances of you staying friends after a break up intensifies.

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