There are many books, dvds, articles, lectures, courses and more about the Law of Attraction. You can learn how to use the Law of Attraction (LOA) to create more wealth, better health, a new car, a great job and, yes, a passionate love relationship or marriage.

But here's the big question...

Once you are in a love relationship or marriage, can you also use the Law of Attraction to get rid of all of those irritations, annoyances and harmful habits that drive you further and further apart from your love?

Our answer, unfortunately, is “No.”

That's just not the way that the LOA works.

If you are hoping to erase jealousy so that it stops coming between you and your partner, don't look to the Law of Attraction. If you want to stop criticizing and judging one another every time you have a conversation, the LOA is not going to help you.

However, if you would like to create a more loving, passionate, healthy, trusting and harmonious love relationship or marriage, the Law of Attraction can definitely be useful.

In fact, if you are at all familiar with the LOA, you probably already know that you are attracting and creating your own life each and every second of each and every day...whether or not you are consciously trying to.

So, the question perhaps is not so much “Can you use the LOA to improve your relationship?” but, instead, “Exactly HOW can you use the LOA to create the relationship you've always wanted?”

Here's how...

Stay focused on what you DO want.
Let's say that you tend to get jealous easily. Despite your best efforts to overcome jealousy, it just isn't happening. The same situations come up in your relationship over and over again and your jealousy gets triggered over and over again.

Tension, conflict and distance between you and the one you love result.

According to the Law of Attraction, as long as you are honed in on your jealousy and trying to rid yourself of this jealousy habit, you will continue to attract more scenarios that trigger your jealousy and you will keep feeling those jealous fears, anger and worry.

It's all about focus when it comes to the LOA.

This does NOT mean that you simply ignore it if your partner often flirts with others or gawks at attractive men or women who walk by.

This does NOT mean that you pretend that you aren't feeling concerned or even suspicious by something that is going on.

What it means is that you deliberately hold in your awareness a vivid image of the kind of love relationship or marriage that you DO want. You can choose to be specific or general. You can picture your current partner or you can be vague about who you are with.

What you attract is up to you.

What's most important is that you generate a lot of excited feelings about whatever it is you envision. Don't worry about how this will ever happen, just keep seeing it in your mind's eye and feeling it in your heart.

Turn around disconnecting habits.
As we mentioned above, when you use the LOA to create the kind of love relationship or marriage that you really want, this doesn't mean that you ignore the troubling and upsetting things that may be going on in your relationship as it is now.

The trick here is to recognize that jealousy, mistrust, disconnecting communication (or whatever it is) is moving you and your mate further and further apart...but not to become stuck there.

Acknowledge the changes that you'd like to see happen and put most of your attention on the possible solutions you see and also the potential benefits to this situation.

For example, If your partner is a flirt and you are jealous, you can spend an awful long time feeling angry, ashamed, judgmental, fearful, trapped and even powerless in your role and in your relationship.

Or, you could recognize that both your partner's flirting and your jealous reactions are pulling you two apart. You can begin to turn this around by consciously placing your attention on ways you can feel more powerful, loving, calm and assured.

This might mean that you treat yourself with greater love and care. You take steps to let go of the past and of your beliefs that may be fueling jealousy. You practice coming back into the present moment so that you can respond instead of react.

This might also mean that you speak clearly, confidently and lovingly with your partner about his or her behavior. You create agreements that you both can follow through with that will help you two re-connect.

As you spend more of your time focused on the kind of relationship that you DO want and you take affirmative steps to move closer and closer to it, be sure to appreciate the positive changes that you see.

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Susie and Otto Collins help people create more connected, loving relationships and are the authors of a new program Stop Talking on Eggshells For a free report on how to turn around disconnecting habits and to create more of what you DO want in your relationships, visit Relationship Reverse Report