Sure, a psychic can help in many ways. Offering advice, performing a healing, doing a psychic reading, channeling etc. are just some of the ways a psychic can help. (Even people who only parade as psychics can offer help if they are problem-solvers. Listening and offering support is something everyone can do, but not everyone is willing.)

The main, deep way through which a psychic helps is presence. To quote Einstein: "Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them." Thankfully, a psychic is a master of awareness. Lowering awareness down to the level where the problem was created and then raising it up to a level where it can be solved is the most fundamental way of psychic help. In simpler terms, helping you help yourself is the best method.

Being in the presence of a psychic helps you achieve clearer psychic connection with the world as well. Being stuck in a mental prison or a state of emotional confusion is sometimes difficult to avoid, and the best way to escape is to get a fresh perspective which can cut through the fog and result in at least a little higher state of consciousness.

So, what do you think - can a psychic help?

Perhaps the greatest obstacle for a competent psychic is how to communicate his or her understanding to the person who needs it. (Mis-communication can cause a slew of problems on its own.) Undeniably the surest way a psychic can help you if that psychic is yourself. If you hone your abilities and strive to solve problems before they even arise - well, you won't have such difficulties.

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