The answer is YES! A single person can fight up to 10 or 50 opponent at once. You might wonder how can that be ?
I will tell you how it is possible.
Since we were born our body was equipped with auto protection system that is in part of our brain called medulla oblongata .The main function is to help us survive all the way to adulthood and alert us of danger coming externally or internally.
According to the medulla oblongata is the lower half of the brainstem. In discussions of neurology and similar contexts where no ambiguity will result, it is often referred to as simply the medulla. The medulla contains the cardiac, respiratory, vomiting and vasomotor centers and deals with autonomic functions, such as breathing, heart rate and blood pressure.
Let us focus on the phrase “autonomic function” .There are a lot of things in this world that science could not explained because science does not really explain things - it just describes them. Besides the autonomic function listed above there are thousands more just waiting to be discovered by scientist.
One of the autonomic function is the ability to protect oneself from enemy assault. As example ( you may try this at home )lets look at reflex reaction that occurs when someone tries touch your eyes and .You will notice that the both eyes shutting down automatically before his/her fingers even touches the eyes.
It is funny to think of the fact that NASA are investing over four billion dollars over the next decade to developing and launching a mission to Jupiter's icy moon Europa in a bid to discover if there is alien life living beneath the frozen surface. While the mysteries of human being haven’t been discovered yet.
I believe many have heard of the “Big Bang Theory”. It tries to explain the existence of the universe in an evolutionary manner having an initial beginning with an immense explosion of some gases or solid mass. Some say there first was a void or ’nothingness’, or perhaps, some gases which exploded then from this everything in the universe simply began to evolve to the stage that we see now. There has never really been any solid evidence for this idea of 'something out of nothing' concept. Nor for that matter, the evolutionary theory itself.

We would like to explore the idea of creation from a purely logical standpoint using simple terminology without religious hype, emotional pre-convictions or superstitions.

What if someone called a 'scientist' tells you his 'theory' of how cars are made is like this:
A salvage yard on the south side of town blows up and all the metal pieces fly into the air and fall back down in one place forming a brand new Chevrolet Caprice automobile.. with no left over parts.. and the motor is running..
The main purpose of this article is not to create or spread anti science belief because science knowledge itself have undeniably made a great contribution to our life. It is just the misconception of science that leads people to denying the existence of other believe such as metaphysics and spiritual that needs to cleared .
Lets get back to the topic, first TKS Datuk Dr. Azam Zulkifli Al – Qadiri (refer to my previous article “Are superhuman capabilities only exist in movies ?”) will open what is called energy doors or chakras. I do not intend to elaborate more on chakras as you could find articles about it all over the internet. Sufi’s (refer to my previous article “Are superhuman capabilities only exist in movies ?”) concept of chakras has many differences compared to the Hindu & Buddha’s .
The opening of the chakras only takes you less than 10 minutes. If you are meeting the TKS Datuk Dr. Azam Zulkifli Al – Qadiri personally , the process involved are shaking hand (bai’at) and that is it .
You will then be thought by TKS Datuk Dr. Azam Zulkifli Al – Qadiri’s trainer techniques of how to manipulate your superhuman potential to maximum level.
The trainer will teach how to manipulate Ilmu Tenaga Rohaniah (Supernatural Spiritual Energy) to deal with 10 to 50 opponent, techniques to heal diseases, techniques to attract business prospect, techniques to maximize your husband/wife sexual arousal, techniques to attract bosses attention, techniques to detect if a person is lying (it’s like a build in lie detector), techniques to avoid road accidents (knowing before actual event), techniques to detect and protect yourself from bad energy such as black magic, techniques to make your body IMPENETRABLE by sharp object and 1001 more functions.The best thing is Ilmu Tenaga Rohaniah (Supernatural Spiritual Energy) stays with you and yours for the rest of your life.
We are more than ready to answer any kind of questions from you. Contact us immediately! Ilmu Tenaga Rohaniah ( Supernatural Spritual Energy ) course are also available by phone. Discounts are also given to participants in group with minimum 10 person.

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