All self healing, whether spiritual, emotional or physical, takes place first at the level of our being, then in the mind, in the non-physical sphere of our consciousness. When the healing has already begun at this higher energetic level, then, and only then, will we be able to perceive physical outcomes and healing. The physical universe cannot be cause of change in the non-physical universe. It is the higher, non-physical energies that impact and change the denser energies of the physical universe.

We are very complex beings; multi layered: spirit, emotions and feelings, consciousness, including our conscious mind, unconscious mind, where we store memories, desires, hopes, dreams, fears etc., and super-consciousness mind, at the level of human consciousness that we all access; and we have a physical body with all its complexity. We are spirit-mind-body human beings.

Creation begins at the level of spirit, at the level of being; this is where we decide on what we want to create and empower our vision into real experience. When it comes to emotional healing, physical healing, and in fact all outcomes we experience in life, we follow a simple process sequence of cause and effect. This sequence works from the base point of who I am, which determines how I feel, which affects what I think, then how I act and relate, which determines what I have in my life. The sequence is BE > FEEL > THINK > DO and RELATE, produces RESULTS.

Expressed another way: my Identity: the kind of person I believe I am, determines my Feelings, which govern my Thoughts, which determine my Actions and how I Relate to others, and all these determine the Results I have in my life experience.

So following this fundamental sequence of causation for how life works, if I want better health, happier relationships, more money or whatever, I must start at who I am. What kind of person do I need to be? This is our self definition, our identity. I have to know I am wise, powerful, worthwhile and lovable, to some degree, to become the kind of person who approaches and experiences life in a new, joyous and healthy way, and who thus enjoys the results I want in life.

You will readily define your identity by answering such questions as: Who do I have to be to be healthy, in a fantastic relationship, successful in business and so on? Your answer might sound something like: I am self-confident, intelligent, capable, lovable, and attractive. These self definitions are empowering and positive. They build and re-enforce self-esteem, which is self appreciation, self worth, and real love for oneself.

Feeling confident, I will think empowering thoughts, I can do it! or I’m attractive! I will act confidently, which will help me relate openly with others and I will expect and produce positive results in my experience of life: successful business, excellent health, loving relationships, and so on.

Now that we know the sequence of how life works, we can start creating our life and outcomes systematically, by starting at our identity in relation to the outcome we desire. Who do I need to be, feel, think, and do to achieve the results I desire? Think about this process and write down your answers. When you have a blue print to guide you, your life will begin to flow easily, as water flows downstream.

Regarding our original question: Can we self heal? The answer is an unequivocal YES. We know the process. We simply have to learn and master it. While our level of power over our life may not be, in general, sufficient to heal ourselves or others quite as great masters, like Jesus, healed - with a word or a touch, we now have a map to follow.

We can do the best we can with the understanding and power we presently have. As I progressively make choices as a powerful and enlightened person, enjoying life and playing out life’s dramas for the sheer fun and excitement of it, I will indeed begin to experience heaven on earth. At least let us make an enlightened and determined start.

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