Lobsters have become a delicacy all over the world. People love lobsters and always seek the best lobsters for their meals. This is when Maine becomes famous for producing the largest and tastiest lobsters. However, Maine lobsters look quite similar to Canadian lobsters. Here is how you can differentiate Canadian lobster vs Maine lobster..

Maine lobster and Canadian lobster are quite similar in appearance. Source: The Ocean Mart

An overview of lobsters

Lobsters used to be abundant in the past and were not considered a desirable food group. In some parts of the world, lobsters were the food of the poor or used as prison food. But look at the position of lobsters in the food world today. The food is considered a delicacy that everyone wants to try at least once in their lives. So what was happening?

Back in the 18th century, lobsters were cooked and canned to provide to the army. People found this food very delicious and they were willing to travel to New England for fresh lobsters. This was when lobsters transformed from food for the poor to a delicacy. The demand for lobsters has boosted up because people started to crave lobsters in their own countries. Of all the lobster species found until now, Maine lobsters are among the most delicious ones. If you want to enjoy the best lobsters in the world, you need to differentiate between Canadian lobster vs Maine lobster.

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Canadian lobster vs Maine lobster: how to differentiate

Lobsters can be divided into those living in warm-weather areas and those from cold weather. Lobsters in warm weather are much different from lobsters in cold areas, but those from cold regions (Canadian lobster vs Maine lobster) don’t appear much different, making it hard to say which is Canadian one and which is Maine one.

Shell hardness

Canadian lobster shell is harder than that of Maine lobster. Source: Caudle’s Catch Seafood
The main difference between Canadian lobster and Maine lobster is shell hardness. A simple rule is: the colder the water, the harder the lobster’s shell. Both Canadian and Maine have low temperatures and they are quite close in terms of geography. However, Canadian water temperature is lower than that in Maine. Therefore, lobsters from Canada have harder shells than those from Maine.

In the growing process of lobsters, they will lose their first shells and grow new shells. When seasons change and water becomes much colder, lobsters have to change themselves in order to live. The harder shells will play a role of a guardian layer, protecting them from low temperatures. Many people claim that Canadian lobster shells are thicker than Maine lobster shells. That fact can be explained as the difference in water temperature. However, actually, the distinction is so small to notice. This is understandable because, in Canada, the water turns colder in the summer season, meaning that Canadian lobsters’ shells can be a little bit thicker than Maine lobsters’ shells.

Does the shell hardness between Canadian lobster vs Maine lobster make sense? Often, the best flavor lobsters are the ones with thinner shells. This means that Maine lobsters are much delicious than Canadian lobsters. Maine lobsters can have a longer season with thinner shells than their Canadian peers.


The difference between Canadian lobster and Maine lobster also comes from their prices. If you are a fan of Gordon Ramsey and other lobster connoisseurs, you may know that there is a big difference in the prices of the two lobster species. Some believe in what the Chef God said while others have opposition to such kind of claim because these two lobster species come from the same water. Maine lobster is much expensive than the Canadian one. Usually, the price of Canadian lobster is just 50% or 75% of the price of Maine lobster. So what will you go for? The world-class lobster with a higher price or the cheaper lobster with believe-to-be-the-same-flavor lobster?

Maine lobster is an important part of the local economy and culture. Source: Bangor Daily News
If you go for Maine lobster, you are about to get the lobster that the world craves. Believe me, there must be some reasons for this. It is not coincidental that even the best chefs in the world recommend Maine lobster but not anything else. Maybe the only way to find it out is to taste it yourself to see the differences.

Since Maine lobster is sold at a high price and people are craving it, it is undeniable that Maine lobsters have become an essential part of Maine’s economy. This also turns it into an important part of America’s economy and culture. When the Maine lobster season is about to come, it becomes a hot topic on the internet and the same thing does not happen to Canadian lobster, California lobsters, or Australian lobster. And now you may figure out the reason: the incredible taste is worth every penny.

Conclusion: Canadian lobster vs Maine lobster - looking similar but tasting differently

Maine lobster has become a crucial part of Maine’s economy and culture, contributing its part to the American economy. But have you ever heard anyone say that Canadian lobster is a big part of Canada’s economy? I have never heard that. Best chefs in the world recommend Maine lobsters in the most stunning dishes and if you still do not believe, you should give it a try to differentiate Canadian lobster vs Maine lobster.

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