Patients opting for hip replacement procedures have increased risk of acquiring cancer and genetic damage. Generic Canadian pharmacies ask patients to take all necessary precautions when undergoing the surgical procedure, as a prosthetic implant replaces the hip joint. The metal-on-metal device has been found to increase cancer risk factors. Genetic damage is another problem that can bring about abnormal changes.

Metal Particles Entering the Blood Stream Causes Slow Poisoning

Findings of the new research published in The Sunday Telegraph clearly indicate patients undergoing hip replacement surgery experience serious medical complications arising out of metal particles slowly entering the bloodstream causing serious complications. Scientists based at the Bristol University in the United Kingdom conducted tests on five patients who opted for the metal-on-metal hip replacement procedure. Abnormal changes seen in the bladder were connected with implants. Friction between the metal ball and cup caused metal filings to accumulate and mingle with blood leading to serious complications like inflammation followed by bone and muscle destruction.

As metal particles enter the blood, it travels to other parts of the body causing slow poisoning. Further neglect leads to increased risk of cancer, more so in the bladder and kidney. An extended research conducted on 72 volunteers further revealed significant bladder damage due to genetic malfunction took place in 17 participants. Researchers found 3 out of 17 participants developed full-blown cancer.

Findings also suggested an increased number of patients will experience further DNA damage leading to mutations causing cancer. An estimated 40,000 cases of metal-on-metal hip replacement cases have been recorded in the UK, according to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. Canadian pharmacies agree with the agency such cases should be referred for annual blood tests and scans as soon as symptoms indicating leakage of metal into the blood are detected.

Further Research Is Needed To Establish Firm Results

The present research is not yet complete, and further trials are needed to establish the exact connection between hip placement surgery involving metal-on-metal prosthetic implants and onset of cancer. Researchers have established increased cases of cancer related to the kidney and bladder, which do provide some insight into how they can conduct further research to develop techniques and replace metal with more tolerant material.

At present, people buy Gleevec to treat certain types of blood cancer including chronic myeloid leukemia. The drug can also be used to treat certain types of stomach and digestive system tumors. Cancerous growth occurs at different stages, and early detection always helps in removing malignant tumors preventing cancerous growth from spreading to other parts of the body.

Researchers have initiated the early process of detecting how metal particles cause damage to the immune system. It is a matter of time before the right material can be effectively used to replace metal implants. Generic Canadian pharmacies are convinced researchers have found the right approach to conduct further research on prosthetic technology. The purpose of introducing prosthetic devices must be to enable the body cope up with difficult situations where it is unable to rectify inherent long-term problems like severe arthritis and bone erosion.

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