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Thanks to much better education and scientific breakthroughs, dealing with cancer is much easier these days than in the previous years. Usually, treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation can slow down the spread or help you go into remission for several years. There are also medications you can take to control the signs and symptoms of the illness.

Most of all, there are some ways on how to manage the illness and take care of yourself without becoming too dependent on drugs and other treatment procedures. Here are some of these ideas:

1. Get a lot of rest. One of the common signs of cancer is fatigue or lethargy. You feel tired a lot of times. You have no appetite for everything. That is why you need plenty of rest when you are sick. It is time for you to cut back on your number of working hours. If not, you should reduce your commitments by delegating tasks. By resting, you give your body a chance to heal itself as well as to reserve whatever energy you have for something more important.

2. Reduce your level of stress. You also need to control your level of stress, in general. Stress affects all aspects of your life: physical, mental, and emotional. It often leads to hormonal imbalances and the improper functioning of the various neurons in the body. In case you have not noticed, you get easily depressed or suffer from panic attacks when you are under too much stress.

Stress can also weaken your immune system. If you are sick of cancer, immunity plays a very huge role. You want it to function strongly so you’ll have a formidable defense system against the disease.

3. Meditate. Meditation is highly recommended to people who are suffering from cancer. For one, it boosts the immune system. It can also help in reducing the spread of cancer cells, as these types of cells don’t thrive in an alkaline environment. One of the ways to make your body alkaline is by increasing the amount of oxygen in the body through proper breathing.

Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually meditation can be of great use. It brings you to the present. The action of concentrating on your breaths helps you be more aware and in tune of the now than of the future or of the past. It then ushers appreciation to your present life, what you are at that moment. Second, it clears your mind from a lot of clutter.

Using Subliminal Messages or Affirmations

In all these tips, you can utilize subliminal messages or affirmations. These are very powerful phrases and sentences. They can change the way your mind thinks by feeding your subconscious with positive statements.

Every time you are at rest or in meditation, you can listen to subliminal messages downloads that may contain the following:

My life is at peace, and I am happy.
There are plenty of things I am grateful for.
I appreciate the blessings of the present.
The future can take care of itself.

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