Cancer--- the mention of this mere word creates hysteria and the level of stigma and misconception this word surrounds is astonishing. But when analyzed closely, these popular ideas even though they are scientifically wrong, they do make sense because they are rooted in old conventional theories. But, what these wrong ideas do is that they create needless worry and hinder the treatment. Here are some popular beliefs about cancer:

Cancer is contagious, isn’t it?

No, it isn’t. But the only situation in which cancer can spread from one person to another is through organ or tissue transplant. But this risk is extremely low; about 2 cases/10,000 organ transplant has cancer. Doctors generally avoid donors who have a history of cancer. Even though cancer is a virus, unlike in other cases, it cannot spread from one person to another just like that.

Does cell phone has any role to play?

No, the best studies completed so far have not presented any concrete evidence. Cell phones emit low-frequency radioactive energy but that can be neglected. Cancer is a genetic mutation and this minor energy doesn’t do any harm.

Do power grids have anything to do?

No. even though the power supply lines and power grids emit both electric and magnetic energy, this energy is negligible. The electric energy emitted is easily disrupted and weakened by the walls and other objects in and around the house. The magnetic energy emits a very low-frequency form of radiation, which doesn’t have the power to affect our health.

Is cancer hereditary?

Not necessarily. Cancer is mainly caused by genetic mutation and around 5%-10% of cancer caused by mutation is inherited from one’s parents. But families that have cancer-causing mutation in their genes will find multiple members of the family affected by the same type of cancer.

On the contrary, people believe that if there is no history of cancer in their family that means they are not at risk. This is not true at all. Cancer is mainly caused by genetic changes that can occur at any point of a person’s life and due to multiple factors namely, exposure to radiation, tobacco, the kind of diet a person maintain, whether or not that person exercises etc.

Does attitude matter?

There is no definite answer to this question because there isn’t any concrete evidence that can confirm or deny the attitude factor. Now, as an affected person it is very likely to feel sad, angry or hopeless at times and positive and upbeat at other times. Patients who have a positive outlook may stay in touch with family and friends, be physically active, which can help the patient to deal with the situation much better. But this doesn’t mean that a person with a slightly negative outlook will not survive cancer.

People to this date still feel that cancer means it’s the end of the line. No, it’s not, with the kind of treatment available one can easily recover. Anticancer Herbal Supplement Online in Bangalore available can really help. Regular use of these products keeps a check on the development of the virus and there are no side effects also.

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