Epididymitis is a type of disease, which is assigned to a sort of male disease. Once this complaint occurs, it's going to have a certain affect the health of male patients. Many people need to know if epididymitis will become cancerous whether it won't heal for a long time.

If epididymitis is just not cured actively inside acute period, it's going to gradually come to be chronic epididymitis. In the chronic period, you can easily cause much more serious complications, for example abscess formation, testicular infarction, urinary system diseases and so on.

It may affect sexual function and fertility, increase the odds of male infertility, as well as in grave cases, it can possibly increase the chance of canceration.

If the use of orchitis is longer as well as the condition is more severe, in the event the therapeutic effect with the medication just isn't good, we need to adopt timely surgical treatment. Surgical excision of the lesion is capable of a curative effect and can stop the occurrence of malignant changes along with other adverse conditions.

Patients must drink more water in peacetime, avoid eating spicy and stimulating food and pay special awareness of private health care operate in peacetime.

One may take TCM formula Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment. This medicine belongs to an all natural herbal remedy and does not produce unwanted side effects, additionally, it has a good impact on treating epididymal nodules or epididymitis and may prevent adverse conditions such as cancer.

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Epididymitis will develop slowly in the acute phase into Chronic Epididymitis if it is not actively cured. In the chronic period, it is easy to cause more serious complications due to long-term unhealed, such as: abscess formation, testicular infarction, urinary system diseases, etc, will not only affect sexual function, but also affect fertility, resulting in Male Infertility.