In today's world of globalisation, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service plays an important role in the selection process for most of the large scale organisations. RPO companies are service providers to the organisation in various facets of the recruitment process. Organisation outsource recruitment task to RPO so as to save time and money as well as select the most competent candidate from the job market.

RPO is a company dedicated with the recruitment industry; therefore they hire teams of an expert to provide services to the client organisation. Their specialists are thoroughly versed with different sectors and industries in the job market. Though the executives are not from the same industry as the client organisation, but they conduct a thorough research to understand every aspect of the organisation and its sector. They study the requirement, competitor, job market and all the candidates either active or passive in the specified sector. Passive candidates are the group of people, who are not active in the job market and currently not looking for a job.

Although, RPO Company provides complete detail about candidates to the client organisation and manage their database with the most suitable candidates. While locating for the most competent candidates, executives use a search tool and their expertise. When the database is ready with the candidates' detail, it is then forwarded to the client. Technically speaking the job is over for a recruitment process organisation, but a good RPO company indulges in candidate profiling.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company prepares certain skill assessments for the competent candidates either online or over a phone. This skill assessment is undertaken specifically to get a fuller picture of the candidate and their suitability for the position. Theses assessments help the client organisation to understand the candidate and identify the training gaps for the candidate.
The skill assessment is an evaluation of various capabilities and talents of a candidate. This tool is used by outsourcing companies to assess the skill and suitability for the job. This helps the organisation to understand candidate's behaviour and attitude prior to interview. The skills you can assess with the candidate profiling such as:
• The talent and behaviour a candidate brings to the job
• Candidates work-related strengths
• Candidates stress handling skills
• Candidates leadership and managerial strengths
• His / her communication and presentation skills
• How a candidate make difference to the company
The report generated from candidate answers maps their skill levels and provides a suitability score against the competencies required for the job. This report helps the client organisation to understand the ability of the candidate they will be interviewing for the vacant post.

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