Being a mom who loves to celebrate Valentine's Day with her children just as much as she does with her husband, I am always on the look out for something fun, different, and inexpensive that I can do for the kids.

Last year, our grocery store was selling cute candy bouquets, but the price tag was a hefty $30 for a maximum of $10 worth of supplies.

After taking a couple of inconspicuous pictures, I began searching through the store for the same items that they had used to make their bouquets.

Keep in mind, I was at my local grocery store, not a discount super store, where I could have saved significantly more money.

Not only was I able to find everything they had used, but I found extra goodies that would personalize each bouquet perfectly.

Knowing that I had some of the basic supplies at home, I saved a bundle, while adding special treasures in the bottom of each.

Inspired Note: Make sure to read below for a sugar-free version of this special treat!

This is how I made my family's Valentine's Day Candy Bouquets with a Surprise tucked in the bottom:

1. Gather all the supplies:

- Clear, glass vase with a - large bottom to balance the weight at the top and to hold additional gifts and neck large enough to hold a swimming "noodle"

- Colored tissue paper - at least 4 pieces

- Bamboo skewers - one for each piece of candy, unless the candy is really big, which then will need two. Make sure the skewers are also thick enough to support the weight of the candy.

- Miniature or full size candy - candy in wrappers versus boxes works best

- Hot glue gun and hot glue or packing tape

- Small gifts - that will fit through the neck of the vase and fill up the base

- A swimming noodle - that fits down in the neck of the vase

2. Fill the bottom of the vase with small items that the recipient will enjoy.

Inspired Note: For my eldest, I filled hers with $1 bills made into small fans. My son received collector's cars and my youngest daughter got the hottest-selling animal figurines.

3. With a sharp knife, cut the swimming noodle to a length that will allow it to fit down inside the vase with the top being just shy of the opening.

4. Stack 4 or more pieces of tissue paper, turning each at a different angle while keeping them centered on the stack.

5. Put the noodle in the center of the stack and bring the tissue paper up around it, covering all sides.

6. Put the noodle in the vase.

7. With the hot glue gun, pull the wrapper away from the candy on the back and run a small line of hot glue down the length of the bar.

8. Immediately, attach the skewer to the hot glue and hold it in place until it is affixed.

Inspired Note: Do not push down on the candy with the skewer, as the hot glue will melt the wrapper to the candy bar making it inedible.

9. Repeat until all the candy is on skewers.

10. Once the glue has dried, start arranging your candy bouquet with the largest bars in the back, sticking the skewers directly into the noodle at varying angles.

11. Fluff the tissue paper by separating the pieces, add a card and even a big bow on the front, if you want.

Now you've made a personalized gift for your loved one this Valentine's Day that they are sure to enjoy!

For a sugar-free treat, substitute the candy for homemade "coupons" that entitle the bearer to a back or neck massage, specially made dinner of their choice, night out to the movies, one car wash by hand, and the like.

I hope that you have as much fun making these candy bouquets as I did and that your loved ones are just as excited to receive them!

Here's to another Inspired Minute!

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