Let’s face it.

If you have shyness working against you then making conversations can be really tough.

But did you know that many great conversations can start from canned material? Meaning its stuff you planned to talk about ahead of time.

The problem is knowing what material to talk about to get people interested.

Today I’m going to discuss one topic in particular that gets people interested in what you have to say.

When you can get conversations flowing between you and another person it becomes much easier to make and keep friends around you. In fact, conversation is probably the most important factor in determining whether you are socially successful or not.

People who are socially connected and popular all have the ability to hold people’s attention using conversation alone. It’s not the only factor, but it is a major factor.

So hopefully with this little tip you can get closer to dealing with your shyness.

A really great conversation topic for many people is Vacations.

Yup Vacations.

People like the different things that pop up in their head when you talk about vacations.

It doesn’t have to be a place that you went to. It could just be a vacation your friend went to and it happens to be a great story.

Remember one or two stories relating to this topic and casually bring it up next time you’re talking to someone. It can be as simple as “My friend went on this really cool vacation...”

Makes sense?

I’ll tell you about the time I went to Jamaica.

It was winter here where I live so two friends and I decide to take a trip to Jamaica...oh the sunshine of Jamaica.

The resort was beautiful but what really stood out was Rick’s Cafe in Negril. It’s right next to a cliff and you can watch professional cliff divers jump 45+ feet into the water.

There is a spot tourists can jump from, but that thrill came with a risks. If you got injured while diving you can’t hold the Cafe responsible.

Makes sense.

Personally I can’t swim so I watched over my friend’s belongings as they went up to the cliff.

And I watched as one after another tourist jumped off the cliff until it was my friend’s turn.

You see, from that height if you land the wrong way you can get injured. Many people came out of the water with enormous bruises along their legs and back.

Both my friends landed the wrong way and thankfully they weren’t seriously hurt but they too had enormous bruises from landing the wrong way.

Trust me it’s not a pretty sight when you have your shirt off at the beach and all you see is large black marks on the body.

But frankly my friends didn’t care, the rush of adrenaline was worth it for them.

That’s a small vacation story to talk about.

So, find one or two vacation stories keep it in stock to talk about and use it next time you’re out.

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