One of the most popular techniques for producing the relaxation response is progressive relaxation. The technique is based on a very simple procedure of comparing tension with relaxation. Many people are not aware of the sensation of relaxation.

As mentioned, some used (vitalized) hemp oil, such as my uncle, for anxiety issues and with great success. HEMP, is widely known for many benefits, besides stress.

In progressive relaxation, an individual is taught what it feels like to relax by comparing relaxation with muscle tension. The basic technique is to contract a muscle forcefully for a period of one to two seconds and then give way to a feeling of relaxation in that muscle. The procedure systematically goes through all the muscles of the body, progressively producing a deep state of relaxation. The procedure begins with contracting the muscles of the face and neck, then the upper arms and chest, followed by the lower arms and hands. The process is repeated progressively down the body, from the abdomen through the buttocks, the thighs, and the calves to the feet. This whole process is repeated two or three times. This technique is often used in the treatment of anxiety and insomnia.

Progressive relaxation, deep breathing, or some other stress reduction technique is an important component of a comprehensive stress management program.

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