t's no big surprise that meditation isn't always accomplish-able. Family, friends, work and even strangers can get in the way of working on relaxing. Thoughts, sounds, too much coffee, anxiety and even fear are some other culprits.The list goes on and on.

So what are you to do when sitting down to meditate just isn't happening?

Here's something I discovered. It's called, "The 'Shut it Up' Method." (I'm sure you see where this is going.)

According to MeriamWebster.com, meditation is "Private religious devotion or mental exercise, in which techniques of concentration and contemplation are used to reach a heightened level of spiritual awareness."

Now I don't know about you, but nowhere in that statement do I get "Something you do when you're sitting down."

Meditation is you taking the time to recognize you.

Closing your mouth (or shutting it up) is enclosing yourself within yourself. The act of not talking keeps you in touch with you.

You--Spirit. You--Self. You--You.

When you're focused on not talking, you're allowing yourself a different vantage point.

Instead of a constant need to give your opinions, you're forcing yourself to not only listen, but to feel whatever it is that's coming up for you. And if you're truly focused on the meditation experience, you'll also let it go.

'Shutting it up' is turning your thoughts off, and allowing nothing but whatever's happening to happen, just as it is.

You're observing. With constant observation, you eventually recognize your thoughts are not you.

Check out the methodology to this fabulous alternative below.

The "Shut it Up" Method to Meditation

Choose a day to leave verbal expression alone. This means, no talking, or socializing---period.

Prepare by letting those you live with know this is what you're going to do. If you are in daily contact with people via text, social networks, or any other means of written communication, let them know you're taking a hiatus and going off the grid for a little bit. Advise them that you're turning off the phone, staying off the net and are simply working on your Self for the day.

Or, don't. There's no written rule to having to let people know what you're doing. The choice is completely up to you. Those you live with may find it just a tad strange that you're walking around not communicating though. Having a smile on your face as they continually talk to you throughout the day may not be the best form of response. Don't be surprised if your friendly neighborhood psychiatrist shows up for a random check-up. Not to mention you may have an S.O.S sent out or missing person reports filed as well.

My advice? Keep it simple. Include those closest to you in what you're doing. They care.

Process: Take what you want from this, and leave the rest. The goal? To try something new!

Keep your mouth shut, and your texting fingers on lock down from the moment you wake up, to the moment you fall back asleep that night.

Go through your day without talking to anyone. No nodding, shaking your head, or sign language. This type of communication is a big fat No-No.

Smiling is the ONLY form of communication allowed. (I would never advise you to keep your sparkle stifled.) BUT--try not to laugh. Keeping your mouth shut (literally) will illuminate this new perspective. If you open it to laugh, you'll take yourself out of the zone, and right back to square one. You'll understand 'the zone' as you practice this technique.


As you continue allowing the inner focus, you'll find new sensations coming up. Observe and allow them.

If you have kids and want to practice this method, let them in on it! They'll probably want to join along. Use the finger to the mouth to symbolize sssshhhhhh. (Having kids in the home is the only exception to communicating with others.) Go ahead and nod, and shake head no, but keep it to a minimum. Practice smiling. Talk to them only when you need to. Better yet, whisper. Kids will take the hint that it's quiet time, or a different time. This goes a long way with kids.

Keep the pace peaceful. Stay away from emotion inducing things such as movies, and music. The less emotion evoking, the better. You want to relax. So stay focused on doing things that allow you to feel at peace. For example, listen to classical music as opposed to heavy metal.

Bored? Use your creative side. Write a book, draw a picture, color, create an app. Whatever your inner creative likes to do, do it.

You can go onto your social networks, but isn't much of what you do online, emotion inducing? Remember, you want to keep communication to a minimum . To do this, you must relax. Do only that which allows you to relax.

If you don't go through the whole day, no problem! Do what you can. Even if it is just an hour, something is better than nothing.

I'd love to know how this technique worked for you. Let me know in the comments section. If you think this as cool as it sounds, share it with your friends! Thank you for being YOU! Happy meditating!



Author's Bio: 

Martita Robinson is on a mission to inspire men and women all over the world to embrace self-empowerment through the act of meditation. She believes whole-heartedly in the sacred power that lies within each and every one of us, and knows that self-realization is possible through practicing presence and choosing love.

Her goal is to not only inspire the world into believing it as well, but proving it to themselves as a result of their own spiritual awakening.

Martita has been practicing meditation for the last 12 years, and has been teaching for the past nine. She currently holds workshops and speaks regularly on enlightenment, practicing presence, and choosing love.