If you suffer from insomnia, you know how debilitating it can be. Everyone suffers from sleeplessness sometimes, after drinking too much coffee or from a bout of nervousness before an important exam. However, not many people understand what it’s like when you suffer from sleeplessness on a nightly basis.

Lack of sleep over a period of time makes you irritable, over- sensitive to outside stimuli, and can even induce bouts of depression. It can make you unable to perform on the job because of low motivation and concentration. Not great news if you operate machinery or work with sharp objects or children!!

It can have a negative effect on your relationships, due to repeated mood swings. All in all, insomnia can seriouly compromise your health and well-being.

The medical profession offers cures for insomnia, most of which are unadvisable over a period of time. One example of this is sleeping pills, which will undoubtedly put you to sleep but which also may compromise the way in which your body naturally sends you to sleep. It may work a couple of times but really, your body simply isn’t designed to be bombarded with such things on a regular basis. For this reason, imsomnia is best defeated by attacking it at the source of the problem.

So what can help banish insomnia for good? Well, though insomnia is sometimes caused by physical problems such as too many stimulants. It is much more likely to be caused by the mind, and, in this case is best treated through some type of therapy.

When a person experiencing insomnia lies in bed all night thinking that they are unable to sleep, they are really just re-affirming to their subconscious mind that falling asleep is impossible. Because of the connection that the mind has with the body, they are literally programming themselves not to fall asleep.

Have you ever told yourself before you go to sleep that you need to wake up at a certain time and have then woken up before the alarm clock? There’s no mystery about it – you told yourself what to do and your mind gave the instructions to your body.

Hypnotherapy is the ideal way to calm the mind and body, so it’s logical that it can be used to cure people’s insomnia. Hypnotherapy can literally remove the mental blocks that may cause insomnia, and to put the body in a sleep-ready state.
As a result, a person who had previously been unable to fall asleep, will find themselves able to drift off effortlessly.
So despite insomnia being a debilitating condition, there is no need to let it control your life.

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Linda is a certified NLP practitioner and the owner of the website http://www.subliminalmindprogram.com. She is also the author of the e-book, 'How Your Sub-Conscious Mind Works', which can be downloaded here:http://subliminalmindprogram.com/freedownload/