At the end of a first date, you may find yourself wanting more. In other words, you’re ready for Round Two. At this point, your nervousness should subside more and you may begin to feel more comfortable with your date. All that's left is to figure out what to do on the second date. The second date is an opportunity to get to know the girl on a deeper level. Second dates are also important because you learn if you are truly interested in the person or if you only want to see them casually. Here are four ideas for an exciting second date.

Cook Something Simple

The key word here is “simple.” Save the four-course meal for another time. This time around, cook something straightforward like fettuccine Alfredo. It will be fun to chat and get to know each other while enjoying the home-cooked food. Cooking and kitchens tend to feel more at home and make people feel more at ease. Plus, it’s an opportunity to impress your date with your culinary skills.

Go to Karaoke

This could be seen as a risky option, but maybe that’s exactly what your budding relationship needs. Is the person you're going out with able to have a little humor in a situation? What kind of music do they really like? A lot can be revealed by going to a karaoke night. You and your date may or may not get up to sing, but you will at least have a lot of fun being part of the audience.

Go Kayaking

For a real adventure, consider taking your date to the river or lake for a short kayaking trip. This will give you a chance to test out how you two work together as a team, as well as discover how much of a thrill junkie this girl is. Even if you end up flailing in the water together, at least you’ll be able to laugh about it. If water’s not your thing, consider another outdoor sport like Ultimate Frisbee or just some one-on-one on the basketball court.

Check Out a Local Ghost Tour

This spooky yet delightful option is sure to make for a memorable date. You may want to first gauge how your date feels about the paranormal. Does she enjoy, for instance, psychic readings? If so, this could be the perfect second date. When you’re on the ghost tour, you two are sure to scream and laugh together. Plus, it will make for some interesting conversation!

The second date is a somewhat pivotal step in a relationship. You could play safe and simply choose going to dinner, but there is something to be said about thinking outside the box. Consider one of the four options above as you plan your next date.

Author's Bio: 

Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her three-year-old husky, Snowball.