In the current era, with the revolution of the internet, the world is moving towards digitalization. The modern generation prefers that the world should move from papers towards digitalization. Nowadays, everything is available at our fingertips or is just a click away, thanks to the internet. A time may soon come when the currency may become paperless, and the first step already has been taken in terms of Cryptocurrency. It’s growing in the market at a lightning speed and may soon become a part of our culture.

What is Cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that is acquired by cryptography. It cannot be forged or spend twice. It is specifically designed to exchange digital information. One of the advantages of Cryptocurrency is that it is not issued by the Government so they cannot take it away. You are the sole owner of your money and can spend it accordingly.

Why Should You Invest In Cryptocurrency?
In the last few years, cryptocurrency has gained a reputation among the masses, and has made its mark in the market. There are many reasons for it. Some of those are mentioned below:

• No chance of fraud-
During the creation of Cryptocurrency, the transactions are secured in a public record also known as the blockchain. The legitimacy of the record is mentioned by encrypting the identities of the Cryptocurrency's owners. Moreover, the Government cannot interfere in it as they have not issued the same.

• Your identity can't be stolen-
Blockchain technology of the Cryptocurrency offers safe transactions through smart contracts. It ensures that the transactions between the wallets are accurately calculated. They make sure that spender of the coin is also the owner of the coin which makes it unable to hack or conduct any kind of fraud.

• Instantaneous Settlement-
Cryptocurrency is easy to use. It only requires a smart gadget and a stable internet connection, and you can transfer or use the currency without any hassle.

• Convenient-
Even though we are making advance development in technology and most of the population has access to the internet connection, some of us are still unable to use the traditional bank exchange system. These people are clued-in for the cryptocurrency bazaar.

• You are the owner-
In Cryptocurrency system, you are the owner. There is no electronic cash system or the Government is involved, making you the sole owner of your currency.

With the increase in the popularity of the Cryptocurrency, many applications are technology are developed around it. One such application is the Ledger Live App which is a crypto wallet.

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many applications are technology are developed around it. One such application is the Ledger Live App which is a crypto wallet.