When running a company or working on a project, we always think about ways to improve things. How can we better organize ourselves and connect with our target audience? To do this without backtracking, you need the right, reliable business tools.

Most WordPress themes come pre-loaded with contact forms. In most cases, it's best to design your custom form for your website and business needs. You can create your Form to customize its appearance and Add fields. You only have complete control over your Form. Web developers are often confused to choose which Word Press form builder is excellent. The Word Press form builder plug-in is available on both free and paid plans and can be confusing.

Many free premium plug-in offer a variety of features. If you need the basics, it's best to use a free plug-in, such as Contact Form. Captain Form. helps you to generate online forms for your Word Press website. It's easy to install and has all the basic form building features built into the core. The caption Form is customizable from the dashboard. You must not any coding skills or a plug-in for it. Using captain form is easy thanks to a simple drag and drop editor. It's lightweight and intuitive.

Features of Captain Form Plugin

One of the benefits of captain form is to provide an optimized user experience. It meets a wide range of business needs through the creation of forms.

· Major generation
· Record management
· Surveys and surveys
· Online subscription
· Data collection and analysis
· Interaction with the audience

There are three steps to create, customize, and publish—the functionality in advance. You'll find much integration with third-party apps.

Third-party apps used with captain form

A few third-party apps are:
Google Drive
Mail Chimp
Active Campaigns
Smart sheet and many more.

Some payment processors, including PayPal, are also available. You can also add a complex field using the caption form plug-in.

Price of Captain Form plug-in

Captain Form plug-in is a good tool for web developers. There are four options in the case of Captain Form plug-in.

Regular Plan (Free)-

Use with one site
three forms with a largest of 15 fields
500 secure entries/month
You get 100 MB storage space SSL encryption and excellent customer support.

Learner plan:

Can use for one site
unlimited forms with unlimited fields
5K secure entries/month
500MB storage space
SSL encryption

Master plan:

Three site usage
unlimited forms
unlimited fields
20K secure entries/month
2GB storage space and SSL encryption

The fourth one is the best plan

First of all, the free plan is ideal. As the business grows more sophisticated, one of the three paid plans is right for you.


You can access all documentation at captain form. You can also find a comprehensive knowledge base covering everything from installing a plug-in to creating different styles in WordPress. Security and customer support are top priorities of this plug-in. Customers get help regardless of their rate plan, including free service plans.

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