London is the city of dreamers with several wonderful places to see. You can get the chance to see the life in London from close by visiting the streets and lanes of this city. With lots of famous places and streets, the city has several hidden treasures which you have hardly noticed or just pass by without taking a glance. Your fast-paced life won’t give you a chance to stop and see the beauty hidden on your walk through.

If you really want to see the unnoticed life, running fast on the streets and lanes of London, then we can help you in finding hidden yet popular locations of London for photography.

The Rolling Bridge, Paddington Basin:
An incredible location to capture with your camera is no doubt the rolling bridge at Paddington Basin. This is the great innovation of Thomas Heatherwick. It shows the spectacular engineering work in its design. Every day it works like a regular bridge, but on each Friday at 12 noon, it turns into an octagon. Capturing the moments of bridge rolling, and people around it will double your photography enthusiasm for sure.

Smallest Police Station in the UK at Trafalgar Square:
This is the smallest police station in the Britain, which was built decades ago, in the time of 1800s to keep an eye on the protests and marches. It is perched on the east of Trafalgar Square; however, this is no more in working, but can make your picture collection fantabulous.

Savoy Driveway:
If you really want to take some quirky and bizarre shots with your camera, then you must head to Savoy driveway. This is the only road in London where you can see cars drive on the right. Apart from this driveway, you have the small Savoy Museum and The Savoy Hotel. Both the places can offer you the eccentric moments, amazing arts and sculpture to capture in your camera. Especially, the statue of Kasper the Cat at Savoy lobby will amaze you most when it is treated as an extra guest when 13s are there for dinner.

Big Ben Bell Tower:
It is perched on the north side of the Palace of Westminster in London. If you are a true admirer of beautiful views and want to see the London from the top of this clock tower through your camera, then this is the right destination for you. You can quench your thirst for amazing clicks of crowd, London streets, and pavement at this tower.

The Neal’s Yard Clock:
This is the best place if your wander list has all the secret gems of London. If you are a Londoner, then you often walk through the Neal’s Yard Water Clock. And, if you are a traveler, then you might take a glimpse of this place. But, you probably have no idea how beautiful and incredible it is in reality. Capturing varied movements of this bizarre clock and the mesmerized faces of travelers would make you feel happy and your camera too.

South Bank:
The perfect location for street photography with crowds of people, cafes, Borough Market, Millennium Bridge, Westminster Bridge, London Eye, Tate Modern, Tower Bridge, etc. Overall, you have a lot of things to capture in your camera and build a very good collection of photographs.

The Thames Path:
The 40-miles long path is the undiscovered beauty in the Thames. This path can give you several chances to shoot quietness spread along the path. Every sight gives you something eccentric to capture. So, just take a bike or cycle and start collecting the undiscovered quietness along the path.

Little Venice:
Its name does pure judgment with its surrounding and the settlement. London’s Italian city really gives you the feel of Venice with waterside cafes, restaurants, and pubs. You can catch the moments of visitors walking along the riverside and enjoying the small boat trip to the eatery or café. All will make you feel wonderful.

Overall, London is full of photogenic streets, history, art, and culture. You should have the heart for wandering anywhere in London to collect best moments of life in London.

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Moment of Life is the story of an Uber driver in London, who gets an opportunity to turn his wandering life in to a new direction with street photography. You can get the chance to see the life around the London you have missed, with the help of Moment of Life. This is an effort to show you an undiscovered canvas of London’s busy streets and quiet places which are being ignored often. With our captured collectives, you can live every moment and connect yourself back in the string of life.