Pregnancy is one of the best times of a woman’s life. Having a new member in the family is a very exciting period for would-be-parents that sometimes they would like to have snapshots to remember those moments. One of the ways couples do this is by having a maternity shoot while the woman is pregnant, and followed by a newborn shoot while the child is still an infant.

Maternity photography is a specialized type of portraiture that focuses on capturing the joy of pregnancy. Most photos of maternity photography highlight the pregnancy through different angles, lighting, and locations. Sometimes, photographers use props to achieve a certain effect, and sometimes, the shoot includes the would-be father to give a feel of excitement at starting a family.

This kind of photography can be practically done anywhere. The most common shoot location is a studio, since it offers privacy and some like to be in a revealing state during the shoot. The home is also another venue because it offers utmost comfort to the couple and it gives the shoot a more natural feel. Outdoors are also great for maternity shoots, as shooting against a backdrop of an amazing sunset, for instance, is something that the couple will always remember.

Basic photography concepts apply to maternity and newborn shoots, as well. A Toronto maternity photographer has to remember the basic rules of composition and the use of light. Keeping a photo simple is very important—the focus should only be on the message of pregnancy, without distracting elements competing in the photo. Trying something new and creative in taking photos tends to also create better results.

Basic principles of photography likewise apply to newborn shoots. Toronto newborn photography usually tries to convey emotions of the fragility and innocence of an infant. This means that photographers have to pose them creatively in ways that portray them as delicate and fragile human beings.

Unlike Toronto maternity photography, shooting newborns often require more planning. Photographers use props to hide diapers, since the absence of the latter during actual shoot makes for a better shot. A nanny or the mother must be ready with changing pads, milk bottles, and toiletries, in case the infant needs something. When planned well, newborn shoots often turn out brilliantly done giving amazing images that will always be remembered.

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