If you are one of those people who don’t want to go through the trouble of blind dates where you have to put on that killer look and smile, or that fancy dress, then online dating is for you. In online dating, all you need is a computer with internet connection and the confidence to meet someone online. The advantage of online dating is you can do it right in the comfort of your own abode, making it relatively easy to converse with someone online. But before you get noticed in online dating, you must have that perfect profile photo.

The first thing your prospect will notice in your profile is your picture. The trick in having that captivating picture is the element of lighting and angle. Have somebody take a picture of you in more ambient surroundings. Day light or sunlight disperses evenly in the skin. Dark background creates unwarranted shadows. The secret in having a perfect lighting background is choosing a light and cover it with something that can diffuse the light uniformly in your face, giving a soft not dark effect. Using white satin fabric or paper wax around the light can create such effect. Having a friend take a picture of you prevents blurry and distorted photos.

Remember, holding the camera right in front of your face makes your nose look bigger than it usually is. The last thing you need is to look like Pinocchio’s sister or brother. You should know your perfect angle. Take time to practice in front of the mirror. When you have your picture taken, positioning your face to one side can produce a more stylish and aesthetic look than a full front portrait. Leaning forward eye level can also hide that double chin. And for all the ladies out there, a word of wisdom, men want it natural. So, let your hair down, you look more feminine and sexy and consider toning down on the make up, a dab of powder, a light blush and a soft lip-color is enough.

Too much make up ages you and give you that unnatural look. If you are perfectly flawed, there are ways to hide them. Taking the photo at an higher angle can conceal those double chin, huge nose, thick neck, wide shoulders. If you have that straight figure, bending one of your elbow and knees can generate more curves. If you want to look taller, taking the photo from a lower angle can lengthen your legs, giving you that desired model height you always wanted. Now that the perfect angle and lighting is settled, lets focus the lens to the right outfit.

Black is always in- everybody looks good in black. Your hair color and your skin tone defines what color suits you best. For example dark-haired looks better in deep warm tone like red, pink, yellow or gold. These are some of the few colors to consider. Red-heads look better in the tones of green or blue. These are just some few suggestions, it’s always better to wear something that makes you feel you own the universe. If you feel confident, it will exude in your portrait. Also, avoid looking like a porn star; wear something decent. Wearing your lingerie is okay if you want to attract perverts online.

But if you want to be taken seriously, wear something that leaves some imagination for the online dating community. Pictures truly speak a thousand words- so be natural, be confident, be yourself and capture that moment.

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