From a long time, the travel from one place to the other has been taken place by ferries until the advent of automobiles and aviation technology. Even after the advancement in the transportation industry, the use of ferry is a less expensive travel option than the air travel. The travel time of ferry from one place to other is longer than other options available, but still, there are many coastal cities, where ferry travel is used as a public transport from an island to the other islands. It enables the direct transit between points which is very low than other transportation means. Always choose the best car ferry services, The Big Red Barge provides car ferry services to and from St Thomas and St John, US Virgin Islands. They operate daily trips between Cruz Bay, St John and Red Hook, St Thomas. You can visit website for St Thomas & St John Ferry Schedule.

Advantage of using ferry:

Among the other travel options like charter or fly, the ferry is the one which offers you most of the advantage. Many ferry service providers can not only take you from one island to another but can accommodate barge for the transit of the heavy shipment including the supplies for islands and vehicles. The most common service is “car ferry” service in which you can take your car to nearby islands, so you can travel around the island more comfortable.

Travelling in a ferry gives you the most awesome chance of feeling the water and its beauty more closely. They carry you to several destinations on farther distances with quite an ease. They also give a benefit from the point of view of the environment. They reduce pollution by cutting down the exhume smoke of car. According to the stats of ShipPax, 5.9 million crossings globally carrying the trailers is 28.7 million, 188 million cars, passengers of count 1.3 billion approximately along with 856,000 buses.

For people, who are planning to travel for vacation, the use of ferry is the best option. It enables the chances of exploring multiple locations in a single trip especially when one is planning to spend his holidays in the beautiful Virgin Islands which are a group of 112 Caribbean Islands & Islets, among the one hundred and twelve, 82 administered by the United States government, whereas the remaining are Britain Virgin Islands. This beautiful border of islands separating the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean is a beautiful and most relaxing spot for vacations.

If you are planning to start from St. Thomas (which also known as the home to the capital of United States Virgin Islands, Charlotte Amalie) you can plan your day or a week trip to the neighbouring islands more conveniently. The close propinquity of most islands enables the visitors to use ferry, so they may witness a very different and unique landscape even in a single day trip. From St. Thomas daily ferries travel to St. John, St. Croix, and Water Island. If you want you can also visit the other four inhabited islands in the British Virgin Islands by ferry, which are Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, and Anegada. To travel from the United States Virgin Islands to Britain Virgin Islands one has to pay border taxes and clear the customs. It is better to visit the one Virgin Islands first and then visit the other to avoid the expensive ferry fares and border taxes.

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