The decline regarding the main pandemic, global semiconductor deficiency, the introduction of new and strict safety standards and a sudden Spurt in demand for electric vehicles has become part of last year's constraint faced by leading car makers in indias

Leading three carmakers, Maruti, Tata and Hyundai ordered a market share to close to 75 percent among the top 15 OEMs in India. The last month had seen some of the highest and lows with Maruti, Hyundai, Kia and Renault posting a yoy drop in market share. However, Momuti and Tata's market share is rapid. Tata Motors has seen a surge in sales for all time high, making it possible to become the second best-selling car maker in India, taking Hyundai's place.

Once again it was Maruti Suzuki that was the highest market share holder in India with YoY's de-growth but the mother increased. Maruti's market share that has reached 50.90 percent in December 2020 dipped 2.55 percent to 48.34 percent in the past month. However, mothers increased 3.60 percent more than 44.75 percent of the shares held in November 2021.

The company section in the mid-SUV segment is still quite low while the company said that it would not launch an electric car on the Indian market before 2025. Maruti has stated that for now it will concentrate on the development of flex-fuel vehicles and introduce more CNG products on the Indian market

On No. 2 is Tata Motors with a market growth of 5.36 percent in a market share to 13.87 percent last month, up from 8.51 percent held in December 2020. It was also 1.73 percent of mothers increased by more than 12.14 percent held in November 2021. Hyundai Motor India on No. 3 seeing the market share fell 4.44 percent, the highest in this segment to 12.70 percent in December 2021, down from 17.14 percent was held in December 2020. Mother's market share also fell 2.39 percent from 15.09 percent held at November 2021. Low down orders, Mahindra (6.96 percent), Toyota (4.26 percent) and Honda (3.13 percent) all posted yoy growth in market share. Basically a mother, it was only a Honda market share which increased 0.91 percent from 2.23 percent in November 2021 to 3.13 percent in the past month.

KIA India has seen Yooy's market share and mothers each and 2.73 percent respectively 3.06 percent in December 2021. KIA Carens has been launched and is scheduled to be launched in India in early 2022 which can produce more sales in the month upcoming months. Carens can be valued between Rs 15 Lakh to Rs 20 Lakh and will compete with Hyundai Alcazar, Safari Tata, Mg Hector Plus and Mahindra XUV700 in the segment.

MG motorbike saw its market share fell 0.47 percent based on yoy to 0.98 percent while maternal share also fell 0.03 percent more than 1.01 percent held in November 2021. MG motor has also confirmed plans to expand ZS EV cars. The electricity model both will be a crossover based on the global platform. Trailing list is a Jeep (0.36 percent) and Citroen (0.01 percent) while Ford has announced the release from India.

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