Transport rental has recently become more than a useful service. More and more people are renting a car. There are many reasons why car rental makes life easier and helps out in different situations. These can be - organizing marriage and motorcade, meeting people at airports or train stations, the need for a temporary change of a broken car, a trip on vacation or simply visiting relatives - in all these options, car rental is just in time.

Renting a car with a driver is probably the most popular type of service. In this case, the rental price is calculated for each hour of using the car or by mileage. This is a more balanced option if, if you need to rent a car to meet a business partner at the airport or train station, if you want to make a beautiful wedding procession or if you need a car for a short period. Renting a car without a driver is a good option if, if you are planning a business trip or a trip to the countryside, to a summer residence with friends. In this case, the rental fee is charged daily, while the rental of the car is longer, the lower the price of the car in terms of day.

Typically, rental companies place their offices in large towns, airports and railways. train stations and seaports. When planning a trip, pre-check the availability of rental cars in your town or place of your planned stay.

The main requirements for the driver are: availability of rights, age of 21 years and a driving experience of more than a year. Rarely are companies willing to rent cars to people from 18 years old.

Cars are rented completely in good condition, usually not older than 4 years and with full insurance for all cases. When renting a car without a driver, often, companies require a deposit for the car, which is returned after the car is returned. The more prestigious the car - the higher the security deposit.

Usually, the cost is calculated based on the time of use of the car. Cars with a driver are rented at an hourly rate. Car rental without a driver is carried out daily. The longer the rental car - the less you have to pay. The price of a car per day decreases when hiring a car for 1, 4, 9 days, etc.

When concluding a car rental Lviv agreement, study the contract well and ask the company employee to instruct you on the following issues:

-your actions in case of an accident or breakdown
-how to behave if you are stopped by an auto inspection officer, what features of traffic rules you need to know
- features of managing a paid car (turning on the light, placing a gas tank, setting up seats, mirrors, etc.) -
what kind of fuel to
put into a car - how safe it is to leave a closed car with luggage inside unattended in this town
- some new, hidden features auto-
conditions for returning the car (specific place, fuel supply in the tank)

Before driving, inspect the car body, headlights and windows for possible cracks, scratches and other damage. Mark them on the contract form in 2 copies. In this case, you will not have difficulty returning the car when the time comes. Also, pay attention to the fact that the license plates of the car coincide with those indicated in the documents on the car and rental agreement.

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