The Covid-19 has appeared as the worst and most tragic condition in the world. It has affected all the eras of life inclusive of political, social, and educational as well. It has the most adverse influence on the business environment like that of hospitality, and tourism which has now no longer been taken into consideration as vital offerings due to which all businesses including a hotel, car renting services got wasted due to the severe lockdown thoroughly and our Government has stepped back to ensure the stability of these businesses.

Renting a car service during this time of pandemic can both be a curse and relief for us due to certain reasons that we need to know:

It can act as a curse for us; But How?

  1. Need of hygienic environment:

It is a matter of fact that the situation of a pandemic requires fully assurance of cleanliness of vehicle in order to avoid any disastrous situation in the future, but in countries like that of Pakistan, it is a difficult task to ensure the hygienic condition of vehicle during attaining the service of car renting.

  1. Return policies:

Due to the uncertain conditions of the Covid-19, it is uncertain to say what will be going to happen tomorrow, so many customers thought that in case of a sudden lockdown, they may have to pay extra dues if they acquire rent a car service.

  1. Social distancing:

Social distancing is the next main reason that keeps people away from these services because these services require some face-to-face interactions and documentation which is not possible during this time when Covid-19 is at its peak.

It can be a Relief for us; But How?

  1. Worse Conditions of Public Transport:

Adverse conditions of our public transport now indulge people to prefer renting car services because these at least provide assurance to them a bit of safety for their health than public transport.

  1. Home deliveries:

Many of the rent a car services companies now provide online facilities, in which you can complete up the requirements on the app on mobile phones and get the desired vehicle on your doorstep at the prescribed time in order to avoid face-to-face interactions and to stay safe.

  1. Reduces fare:

After facing a huge downfall some of the companies update their price list to minimize the fares of the vehicles in order to stay in the markets, increase customer demand, increase customer loyalty, and to avoid bankruptcy.


 In order to survive and to cope up with the severe conditions of Covid-19, or to compete within this environment to be a market leader tomorrow, renting car services companies can apply different strategies. Some are mentioned below:

  1. Evaluate customer demand trend:

As some customers are fully indulged in these renting car services due to their works, so companies can take it as an advantage and can gain huge profit during this time as well by evaluating the fact that what our customers really want from us or by providing extraordinary services to them. Some people need luxury car like Land cruiser or Prado V8 for rent etc. for renting to tour to mountain areas. For this companies can frequently ask customers for their feedback and suggestion to improve even more.

  1. Increase brand loyalty:

Customers are more attracted towards that brand which provides the best quality and affordable price, so in order to increase their customer’s loyalty to renting a car, services can introduce lower rates more quality than their competitors in order to gain competitive advantage because in business customer loyalty comes first.

“Satisfaction is Rating, Loyalty is a Brand.”

                                      (Shep Hyken)

  1. Friendly policies:

During this uncertain era of lockdown where every customer wants to save his/ her single penny, companies should try to introduce such policies which are completely customer friendly. Renting car services companies should try to assure customer about their policies that:

  1. What will happen if they hold the car and a sudden lockdown has been opposed to them?
  2. Do they have to pay extra dues for it?

The answer to these questions must be NO in order to retain these customers even for future orders.

  1. Motivate their team:

During this time of increased turnover of employees, in order to retain their employees who are fully devoted to their work and can handle both offline and online work with less interaction and more attention, companies need to work on the ends of their employees as well like they need to:

  1. Motivate their employees as much as they can.
  2. Re-allocate the work in order to balance the workload.
  3. Provide them with flexible working hours.

“A great employee is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find & lucky to have”

                                                                                      (Tammy Cohen)

Coping up with the tremendous number of issues of today era with intense conditions of Covid-19 renting car services companies can survive by playing with the minds of their customers by providing them what is best for them and making them realize that they really need it, it can be done by working with proper planning and better management.


Author's Bio: 

Billy Harris has been working in digital marketing industry since 2010. He has a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and currently working as a web developer.