After owning and using around 5 different cars in a span of 10 years I feel that I have enough knowledge to talk about my experience and how I decided to switch to a motorcycle around a year ago and never looked back. I have also bought several Western Star Trucks for sale while I was staying for a year in Ontario working as a woodworker. I am an exclusive car user until last year

Regardless of the reason, you should consider to switch to a motorcycle because there are many pros that you will get from doing so (along with some cons). As a family man I also have a lot of factors to consider because I am accustomed with using a car my whole life. Either way here are some of the reasons that might nudge you to switch

8 Reasons To Bike Today

1. A motorcycle is much cheaper compared to a car in every way from gas, maintenance, and other minute things. You will feel the difference when you have owned a motorbike for a few years and I’m sure that you will agree

2. A motorcycle is way more efficient compared to the most efficient car on the market today. Most cars will take you around 30 miles in 1 galloon but most motorcycles will take you beyond that.

3. Parking space and fee is way easier and cheaper. Due to the compact size of a motorcycle you can park it almost anywhere and this is very true in a “wild west” country such as the Phillipines where I’m currently staying at.

4. A motorcycle will perform better than cars. Technically the acceleration and maneuverability of a motorcycle is much more crisp compared to a car. In some countries with a lot of motorcycles, using one will also prevent you from getting into traffic accidents (believe it or not).

5. Using a motorcycle will give you an effective workout because most motorcycles requires you to steer and maintain balance while using it. You won’t get this benefit sitting in your car.

6. Generally the resell value of a motorcycle is much better compared to cars. Especially if you owned a vintage/popular motorcycle model from a specific brand. Definitely a plus.

7. Motorcycles are way easier to clean and customize. There is no debate in this.

8. Motorcycles are more appealing to the opposite sex. And in case you asked yes it works both ways

Even if you feel that you can’t completely replace your car with a motorcycle, with a much cheaper price tag compared to a brand new car there is no reason why you can’t just buy a motorbike while also keeping your current car. You can try and use both interchangeably and then decide which one you prefer. But hopefully I will see you in a helmet after a few months!

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John Ananto is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt and remote website developer. In his free time he likes to spend time with his daughters or wrote on his personal blog Fight Four Health