The replacement of the damaged windshield of a vehicle is necessary mainly for the protection and the comfort of the occupants of the vehicle, but also to avoid possible risks of malfunction of the driving assistance systems linked to the on-board camera or to the sensors located on this glazing (if the damage is located in front of this equipment).

At AMG Auto Glass Sdn Bhd, our qualified car windscreen specialist will check in detail whether the replacement of your car's windshield is essential. Oftentimes, a windshield repair will be sufficient. By this action, you could save time and of course a lot of money!

If there is a chip on the windshield, it is recommended to act quickly, especially when our customers tell us that more than half of the impacts turn into a crack within 20 days of impact. In most cases, rapid intervention, therefore, makes it possible to repair the impact on this glazing. More economical and more ecological solution.

In the event of a crack that is more than 30 cm long, replacement of the windshield is mandatory. Failure to do so could hinder your visibility while driving. This would also entail, in the event of an inspection, a category 3 fine, with possible immobilization of the vehicle. Finally, this type of damage is subject to a follow-up inspection when passing the technical control.

It is also necessary to replace the windshield if an impact is in the driver's field of vision or in the area of ​​the rain sensor. Finally, replacing the window of your vehicle is imperative if the impact is greater than a coin or if there are three or more on the glass surface.

Replacing a car's windscreen can be done yourself, although it is a delicate operation that requires care, equipment, and assistance. It is strongly recommended to contact professional automotive glazing instead, such as one of our AMG Auto Glass Sdn Bhd with the appropriate tools, qualified staff and who, moreover, are approved by insurance companies.

If the replacement of one of your automotive glazing is necessary, all you have to do is make an appointment for intervention in one of our centers, or at your home, or at your place of work. A competent technician then takes charge of your vehicle and takes care of changing your damaged window.

If it is your windshield and it is equipped with an ADAS system driver assistance, the onboard camera is then carefully recalibrated according to the manufacturer's instructions.

In terms of the automobile insurance contract, there are three scenarios: the insured has taken out comprehensive insurance, extended third party insurance, or basic third party insurance. In the first two contracts, the glass break option is most frequently included. In the latter, it is only available if the owner of the vehicle has requested it.

AMG Auto Glass Sdn Bhd offers the largest choice of quality glazing (equivalent to the original fitment) for all Malaysia and foreign brands (cars, utilities, heavy goods vehicles, motorhomes, carts without a license, old cars, etc. ).

Our range includes windshields, rear windows, side windows, glass sunroofs, glue, gaskets, and installation tools, etc., easily accessible by entering the make, model, and type of vehicle concerned by the repair.

In addition, you will also find all sizes and models of wiper blades.
All glazing in stock and installation accessories are available immediately and delivered to your home within 24 working hours in Malaysia. Our experts remain at your disposal for any questions or advice on the replacement, installation, or maintenance of windshields. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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